July 7, 2010

A Submissive Test?

I think most of us enjoy these various internet tests that give us a chance to evaluate or validate or gain some kind of insight into our personalities. I have featured a couple on this blog:

Myer-Briggs Personality Sorter

Inclination to BDSM

What Kind of Weather Am I

I recently came across "The Submissive Test", which appears to have been made up by someone over on OKCupid. Thank turiya over at Spirited Meanderings for bringing this to light, have some fun with it. I don't know how scientific or accurate or fair it is, but these kinds of things are always fun to take and show to our friends and say things like, "See, I told you." or "Wow, that really surprises me." So, to give credit where due, if you want to take the test, and why wouldn't you? Here is the link, go take the test, you know you want to:

I took the test, on the premise that even as a dominant, if I answer the questions honestly and indicate my likes and dislikes, perhaps it will provide some kind of insight into what it is about submissives that excite me. I found some of the questions difficult to answer for a couple reasons, one perhaps being that I am not a submissive and so the mindset for the answer is not clear within me, but also I found some of the questions did not offer a good clear choice, and so I selected the closest answer, or the least un-favorite answer. I guess this is likely true for many of these kinds of multiple choice quizzes.

At any rate, it was kind of fun, I don't put a lot of stock in the answers, but I agree that it offers a fair insight.

Oh, yea, yes, of course, sure I did, she is most likely:

a Submitter

You scored: 30% Humiliation, 67% Submissiveness, 39% Service, and 42% Pain

Yea, pretty much, I'd say, sounds pretty right?


  1. i didn't like this quiz, because it didn't include my type of submission, which is more little-girl oriented than anything else. there weren't a lot of questions about rules and spankings, you know? the tamer perhaps (but super fun) aspect of submission? my answers came out as "slave," which is a word that i have never identified with, even when i was doing the whole 24/7 submission thing. i want the possible answers to include something i'd identify with when i take quizzes like this!!! oh well. :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I think the quiz scoring is slanted quite a bit toward a heavier BDSM style. In my case, I was a little surprised that the Pain rating came out 42% which I think is at least partially indicative of a less than playful result of spanking.

    It will be interesting to see the results, impressions and perspectives of others. Perhaps it is just you and me, although I doubt it.

  3. It seemed heavily focused on public humiliation too, which not everyone who is into humiliation gets into.

    Thanks so much for link back to my blog, Sir! :-D



  4. I love these quizzes, although I don't have the stamina for the longer ones. It stops being an invitation and starts being a chore.

    fwiw the inclination to bdsm quiz has me as a switch (82%) down through experimental and voyeur to everything else.

    I did the Myers-Briggs tests a couple of years ago on my old blog (months after your post): Keirsey reckoned I was a Guardian, humanmetrics called me a Mastermind.

    I am a Dom in a sub's body (with some very subbish tastes and a dommish wife). It's as complicated as you make it, I suppose.

  5. turiya - yes, I agree, I think the inclination of the scoring is skewed but probably the balance of the four categories might be insightful or illuminating to people.

    P7 - I hear that, I got tired of this one what turned out to be about 2/3 of the way through, wishing it would be over, and hadn't I answered enough questions already? I will have to go have a look at your old blog, sounds like there is a pretty good crowd in there?

  6. I can never seem to resist this kind of quiz.

    I was:


    You scored 37% Humiliation, 83% Submissiveness, 36% Service, and 54% Pain!

  7. Well! Hello former sex blogger, and friend, how nice to see you.
    My recollections mirror the sense of those scoring.

  8. I took this and loved it! It was a great communication tool, as my Dom and I discussed each of my answers before I submitted the results. Thanks for posting!

  9. I am glad you found the information useful. As in your case, and so often with others, the value of these quizzes and polls and such is in the general insight, not the absolute numbers; and their usefulness as communications tools.

  10. i took the test...not surprised..really
    my results were....slave..43%Humiliation..77%submissision..71% service..73% pain (a little surprised at that)..It said i was an ideal partner for 24/7 M/s relationship..oh and it was most important to make Master happy.

    That was fun and enlightning..

  11. Apparently.......I'm not a sub at all, lol.
    I couldn't complete the test because I got pissed off........good times.