July 30, 2010

Impossibly Close

I want to wrap your body in mine. With one arm around your shoulders and the back of your neck, fingers tangled in your hair, and the other pulling you into me, pressed into the small of your back. Your arms wrapped over mine, curled up and holding to the back of my shoulders and base of my neck, down to the middle of my back.

With the side of your face against my collarbone and your forehead tucked under my jaw, and my cheek against your temple. And my nose buried into the warmth of your hair. Your breasts completely flatten against my chest, and your hard nipples poking into me.

One thigh firmly between yours, your outside leg warped around mine, and my other pressed side by side against the outside of your other thigh and my foot tucked onto the back of your knee. With your pelvis pressed right up against my hip bone, and the warmth and furriness of your crotch, pressed down on my upper thigh, and me pressed against your stomach and side, just below your rib cage.

I want to completely warp you up in my arms and legs, with yours responding in kind so that we nearly become completely molded against and around each other, sharing our warmth, and breathing in unison. And then pull our heads back just slightly and kiss, hard, and deep, and long, and slowly.

Sometimes I want you that totally and completely, impossibly close and still then closer.


  1. oh my! this is breath-taking in it's all-consuming nature. such a beautiful description of the minutiae of the embrace.

  2. Awesome description of being so very close and one with your loved one. My man and I love to wrap around each other very much like this. So comforting, warm and loving way to be.

  3. A perfect combination of words to remind me of exactly how wonderful that embrace feels!

    Thank you ~~

  4. Oh, now that was lovely. I could use a little of that, just now, post-surgery. Pity you're so far away. **small smile**

    ~ Ellie

  5. Oh, that was good. I love your last line.


  6. again, your description of such a normal-seeming thing brings us forward from being readers, to being participants.

    Thanks David, a lovely post.



  7. That really is close. I love it.

  8. Too mathematical,
    but who cares,
    as the words paint,
    a wonderful picture of,
    two bodies trying to,
    become one.

  9. This was exquisite. That deep urgent need for such penetrating closeness can be consuming at tmes.