April 15, 2011

White Drape - Friday Flash Fiction

("White Drape" by Ricardo "r/ace" Acevedo)
"Sit down! No, not there. The chair against the wall."

Slowly, reluctantly, she stood up off the sofa and slid smoothly into the chair. Her nakedness was silhouetted in the gathering dark that shot odd shadows over the contours of her pale skin.

She just sat there staring up at him. He couldn’t tell if it was disdain or shame on her face. She just leered silently.

He walked over, snatched a corner of the chair’s covering and threw it. It landed half way across her body. Still she didn’t move or speak. He stood there, staring down, stoic. She continued her silent stare, but the corner of her mouth started to quiver just slightly.

He walked back across the room, picked up the control, pressed the Play button and said, “Just exactly who is this man?”

She adjusted her position but remained silent. She did not look at the scene, but tears began filling the corners of her eyes.

The challenge, use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 60-160 words, using the phrase "...the gathering dark..."

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April 13, 2011