The Years Are Short

When I first started to post this, I was going to apologize for the "commercial" at the end, but rather than apologize, I want to encourage you to consider it.

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I mean, after all, since when is happiness something to apologize for?

This is a series of tweets a very dearly loved friend posted:

Happy. It's not a mood, you know? It's a sense of who I am. I'm a happy person who feels sad sometimes.

I've been putting a lot of thought into what keeps me centered in happiness, and how I can cultivate it. How I can share it.

Yes, I AM a pollyanna. It can be embarrassing to admit. We're trained to complain from a young age.

I have a bias that anyone who is too happy must be simple-minded. "If you aren't angry, you haven't been paying attention."

So this is your advanced warning. If you're anti-happiness, un-follow me now. Go on, git! I know you're out there. Haters.

To which I simply say, Amen!

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