December 21, 2012

Father Christmas - Flash Fiction Friday

I came in and found sweet slave Sally, wonderfully naked, decorating the Christmas tree. Her nakedness had an immediate effect on me.

“Oh, Sir, I am so glad you are here. These branches are too high for me to reach.”

I went over behind her, pressed against her backside and leaned in to help place the ornaments.

But she smiled, saying, “Father is looking for you.”

* * * * 

In the foyer I found sweet patient Patricia, tethered to the centerpost of the room, in clamps, a plaid skirt and heels.

Taking advantage of her, I leaned in kissing her under the mistletoe and slid my fingers up under her skirt. She moaned softly and squirmed from side to side. I leaned in, going for more.

But she smiled, saying, “Father is looking for you.”

* * * * 

I reluctantly walked off toward the back of the house, calling out, “Father, where are you?”

I heard his voice in the distance, “Stay!”

And then his voice boomed, “Sit up!”

I turned the corner and found a totally unexpected sight, a sweet new girl, collared and leashed, sitting up.

“Ahh.” he said, “There you are.”

“Just doing some final training with your Christmas present, Puppy.”

Woof! Woof!

The Challenge, as issued by Advisor:

So many choices.....  I've been thinking about a holiday post, something Christmas/Holiday oriented, because, believe me, there's not a lot of Hanukkah porn. I checked. I know that this time of year is busy for everyone but I hope you will find some time to write a naughty little something to keep our holiday spirit hard in our hearts.  :-)  

I decided to give you a gift of my own.  You get to choose from three of my favorite Christmas Pictures, but, the prompt and word count are the same for all three!

Prompt Word = Unexpected 
Word Count = 200 (same as my Christmas budget) (Spot on: 66 + 66 + 66 + 2 = 200)
Extra Credit = Use more than one picture... (Absolutely)

Find out who else is playing along today, their links are at the bottom of the current post at Advisor's blog.

December 14, 2012

Next - Flash Fiction Friday

Hearing their noise, I could not help but peek and stare into the room and watch the action. I knew I was to be next and wanted a bit of an inkling as to what would be happening.

As he would thrust forward and back there was squealing from both the girl and the bed springs. With them both on their knees the old wire spring form bed frame was stressed and showing it’s age. Odd that my discovery of the bed frame and its structure and compliance would be so distracting. But knowing I would be next made me wonder if my stature would have a similar effect. The noise nearly overshadowed the sounds of both of their pleasures.

With each thrust she would scream and grunt. She pushed back to keep from being driven forward to collapse, rocking back as he withdrew slightly, shifting his weight back over his knees.

I reached down, touching myself, still so sore from the last time in the room down the hall. But here I was again, next, hearing the man explode and release and her loud reaction. I steeled myself for my turn; still so sore from where the strap-on had rubbed against me, I wondered if I could be as forceful with her as the man had been.

For this week,
The key word is, "Discovery"
The world limit is 219
Extra Credit for NOT using the word, symbol, or synonym for 3/three or any variation thereof (or in any language)
Extra Extra Credit is given to anyone who suggests a FFF picture HERE.

December 7, 2012

Right Here - Flash Fiction Friday

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When I answered the door, I didn't think it would be a problem, I invited him in and said, “Let me go pull on a pair of shorts.”

As I hurried down the hall I heard his footsteps behind me. I started to turn but he grabbed me by the back of the neck, pushing me forward. He said he was going to push me up against a wall and do dirty things to me. I said, “No, don’t!”

He seemed uncertain what to do, but finally made his decision and pushed me face first against the wall. He pressed me hard against the wall, right here. Exactly, right here, my face, see? the oil from my skin, and sweat?

I felt his hand slip down my back, his fingers between my cheeks, and, well, you know how much I love that. All I could say was, “Please. Don’t. Stop.”

This week's Flash Fiction Friday (FFF) challenge phrase (and this is the hard part): Decision. The word limit is 150 or 300 if you do the extra credit of writing both perspectives. (I will have to settle for the Extra Extra credit, but not the Extra).

Reference back to Advizor's blog for the original challenge and other contributions. I hope many of you will one day (next week?) decide to join in the fun, would that be FFFF?

December 6, 2012

Five Years

Five years blogging, one half of a decade, seems like such a long time although in truth the time has flown by. It has been a quiet year for me blogging, somewhere about mid year I lost my fire and have not found my voice. Ideas percolate but never seem to issue forth or get mired in drafts.

Part of it was the “demise” of Flash Fiction Friday (FFF) which helped keep me inspired, and it is coming back. In fact it has been around being kindly shepherded by a couple of good souls but I had lost my visibility to it. I will welcome it back as it was helpful in keeping my mind engaged. Previously there was a dedicated blog that housed/hosted FFF but that owner/host has been overwhelmed by circumstance. Hopefully it will find a permanent home again soon, a place where people can be directed to and get ensnared into the game. Tomorrow, 12/7, I will be posting another FFF offering, based on a picture I found that sparked my imagination.

Another pending loss is e[lust], which will go silent at the end of this month unless a new mistress(es) can be found. e[lust] was a resurrection of the idea behind Sugasm, a monthly collection of blog posts centered on erotica where bloggers submit their favorite pieces each month and some sort of evaluating is done and monthly top choices are made. Even if a piece is not selected, all of the stories submitted receive very wide distribution and I have found some of my favorite new authors or undiscovered writers through their inclusion in the e[lust] monthly offerings. It will be a greater loss than we realize even now.

Neither of these, or other prodding were my impetus to write, but they were like snacks along the way. They were/are tasty little treats that sustained the energy level and kept the creative juices simmering. I still have every intention of continuing the story of Frederick and Agnes, and other little projects like 100 words.

So it is a much more subdued recognition of the annual marker this year but rest assured I am still here even if it is currently more as a blog reader rather than blog writer. I will accept that writers’ energies wax and wane and forge on.

I am pleased to see from my statistics that there is a steady stream of friends/readers/visitors passing by each day, your interest and participation is greatly appreciated.