August 16, 2014

Self Expression, Want to be Better?

Looking for a safe and fun way to improve your interpersonal skills and be your more authentic self? Join others in a weekend long exploration of friendship, intimacy and self discovery. Learn not to be afraid to express who you are and what you want.

Spend a weekend with like minded souls in the beautiful Texas hill country about two hours east of Austin. The weekend will start with dinner on Friday. Dinner will be followed by games to help people get to know each other, and then there will be a campfire for relaxing and enjoying the evening.

The rest of the weekend will include games, exercises and a ton of interaction. Take this opportunity in a safe and supportive environment to connect to your sexuality and overcome blocks to its free expression. See how you could better express yourself and interact with others in a way that is more fulfilling and authentic.

What’s keeping you from the fullest, freest, most joyful expression of your sexuality?

I know the people who are presenting this event, and I can assure you it will be worthwhile and enjoyable.

Learn more about this exciting weekend adventure at Camp Frolic.