October 28, 2011

Batgurl - Flash Fiction Friday

(Source image: "Battire" by Gernot)
Nickie arrived at the party and quickly moved through the crowd, accepting the obligatory greetings. There was no recognition, just kissed cheeks and hugs given anonymously with a sweet smile and soft giggle.  A quickly grabbed drink and it was off to the tenebrous balcony.

On the balcony Nickie relaxed, fussing at the stockings, removing the cloak, adjusting the arm-wing stockings. After the costume adjusting and tucking Nickie looked inside and saw that Mark had arrived and was working through the crowd toward the balcony. Nickie leaned back against the pillar, stretched out, seductively lithe, sharply pointed toes, fingers outstretched.

Mark had seen Nick in stockings before but the recently acquired implants would make this dark spooky encounter freakishly erotic.

The Happy Halloween challenge is to use the picture above to write a spooky flash fiction of 80-120 words. I would also like you to please use this H.P. Lovecraft word in your submission: "...tenebrous..."

October 21, 2011

Red - Flash Fiction Friday

(Source image: unknown title by
Beau Monde; website link broken)

Like so many times before, she sat intent on his voice, "Ten." All tangled up in herself, legs clenched, “Nine.” Breasts squeezed tightly, wrapped in the deepness of his voice, "Eight." Her stomach in a knot, cramping, “Seven.”
Growling, tossing the headphones aside, still hearing his commands, “Six.” His voice taunting her, hyper-attuned, each breath twisting her arousal tighter, “Five.” Fire burning, hot, damp, nipples throbbing, aching, “Four.” 
Yanking the headphone jack out, still hearing, “Three.” Her fingers plugging her ears, shaking her head, ”Two.” Her legs twisted, burning thighs, suddenly in pained delight, ready, “One.” Then, “Now!!”

Your challenge is to use the picture to write a flash fiction of 38-98 words. I would also like you to please use this phrase in your submission: "...pained delight..."

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October 14, 2011

Pranayam - Flash Fiction Friday

(Source image: "Framed"
by Marcus J Ranum)
She slowly pushed her chair back from the desk where she had been quietly reading her email. As she clicked the program closed she muttered, “Crap.”

 She got up from the desk, moved her yoga mat to the middle of the room and began undressing. She got down on the mat and assumed the kneeling position. She started doing her breathing exercises to clear her mind, humming softly, uttering a barely audible recitation of her mantra.

 This was typically her pre-sex relaxation routine, to center herself and release tension. I was perplexed and confused, and asked, “What?”

 Looking back over her shoulder, stretching, eyes down, she said solemnly, "I Lost The Game".

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Your challenge is to use the supplied picture and write a flash fiction of 80-112 words. Rather than use a word prompt this week, I would like you to include the emotion of "calm" somewhere in your piece.

October 10, 2011

e[lust] edition #30

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October 7, 2011

Wallpaper - Flash Fiction Friday

(Source image by Vlad Gansovsky, title unknown)

“Good, you’re back, I've been thinking about paint colors. What did you get at the hardware store? ”

 "Brushes, roller pads, drop cloths and stir sticks, stuff we'll need for painting."

 And to himself, "and a stiff stick for 
hot young brunette I talked to there." 

 "I've been thinking the fireplace wall will look better with wallpaper. Something that will offset the light fixtures, the mantle and the mirror."

 He looked in the mirror imagining the brunette 
 standing in front of him removing her sundress. 
 Pulling the straps down off her shoulder, it slides 
 off her hips, crumpling into a puddle at her feet. 

 “We took the wallpaper off that wall last year. Now we want to put wallpaper up again? What about this garish wallpaper behind us?"

 “Yes, I think we need to take down this old wallpaper and paint the wall. We need something around the fireplace to wake up that wall.”

 The only thing waking up for him was 
 a fantasy of that brunette straddling his 
thighs, slipping herself down onto him. 

 ”Maybe you're right.”

“I’m glad you agree.”

 He settled back, imagining her hand at 
 his throat, leaned in against his chest, 
 enthusiastically rolling her hips. 

 "Oh, yes, it's good."

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Your challenge is to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 78-208 words. 
I would also like you to please use this phrase in your submission: "...enthusiastically..."