September 30, 2009


I made a seemingly casual comment, and she lashed out, "Sexist!"

I responded, "Not me, just gender biased. And discrimination is a two way street. And I offer the following evidence. "

Once again discrimination rears its ugly head . . .

September 20, 2009

Tactics and Strategy

a poem by Mario Benedetti

Tactica y Estrategia

Mi táctica es mirarte,
aprender como sos
quererte como sos.

Mi táctica es hablarte
y escucharte
construir con palabras
un puente indestructible.

Mi táctica es
quedarme en tu recuerdo
no sé cómo ni sé
con qué pretexto
pero quedarme en vos.

Mi táctica es ser franco
y saber que sos franca
y que no nos vendamos simulacros
para que entre los dos
no haya telón ni abismos.

Mi estrategia es en cambio
más profunda y más simple
Mi estrategia es
que un día cualquiera
no sé cómo ni sé
con qué pretexto
por fin me necesites.



Tactics and Strategy

My tactics are to look at you
To learn how you are
To like you how you are.

My tactics are to talk to you
And listen to you
To construct with words
An indestructible bridge.

My tactics are
To stay in your memory
I do not know how
Or with what pretext
But to be left in you.

My tactics are to be frank
And to know that you are frank
And not to sell lies to each other
So that between both of us
There is no curtains or abysses.

My strategy is however
Deeper and simpler
My strategy is
That one day
I do not know how
Or with what pretext
Finally you need me.

Credit to Those we won't forget by Eva Huntress

September 15, 2009


He really did enjoy his visits with her, but there were times, particularly late into the night, when she acted quite strange. For no apparent reason, she would get up and dance, much like a frenetic dervish . . . and he wondered . . .

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