July 15, 2010

Pinned Down, and positioned

An excerpt . . . from . . . Just Thinking About You, Well, Perhaps not Just . . .
I came into the room and found her lying on her right side, napping, with her back close to the edge of her side of the bed; her knees bent and legs curled up slightly, naked. Her arms were prayer positioned in front of her, wrists together, crossed in fact, with her hands tucked up under her cheek slightly. The depth of her sleep was evident from the sound of her breathing, mixed with the slightest little snoring sound; she seemed completely at rest and at ease.

I stepped up to the edge of the bed, watching her ribcage rise and fall, relishing the curves of her body, the shape of her hips, the way her breasts settled down toward the mattress, and the way her hair fell, almost completely obscuring her face. I placed my right knee onto the bed so that my inner thigh was pressed against the middle of her back, my ankle pressed close against the cheeks of her buttocks, spreading them a little bit apart. She stirred just slightly as my weight shifted her gently, back toward my leg and more firmly against my thigh.

To counter balance the weight shift I swung my left leg over and settled it down against her upper stomach, just below her breasts. As I settled into place she stirred even more, turning her head toward me to see what was going on, why she was suddenly "surrounded". As she looked at me I sat back with some of my weight onto her waist, nearly like settling into the saddle astride a horse, the outward curve of her hip acting much like the upward curve of the back of a saddle. She tried to turn toward me, to roll over onto her back, but she was pinned in place by my thighs and my weight sitting on her hip.

Unable to roll off of her side and face me, she attempted to move her arms, to place her left arm around my waist but I put my hand firmly on her bicep and pushed her arms back down into place, pinning them against the firmness of the mattress. She recognized the intent of my gesture and settled back down, back to that comfortable position on her side. As she settled back down, accepting my presence, I bent forward slightly at the waist, leaning my torso along the side of hers and rested my hand on the mattress loosely gripping a tangle of her hair at the back of her head, pinning her head down, and whispered in her ear . . .


  1. Please could you provide some diagrams? I lost track somewhere after the counter balance.

  2. What? What did you whisper?


  3. Very much the tease... but nice! :-D

  4. and said......... grrrrrrs why do you make us wait?:) Evil man.

  5. Very nice but Oh yes a definite tease.


  6. . . . gripping a tangle of her hair at the back of her head, pinning her head down, and whispered in her ear . . . "something different?"

    The rest of the story is more explicit than I will post here. (More tease, I know.)

  7. oh NO!! that can't be all!? Please!...

  8. Sigh. Can't you be vague enough to give us the tantalizing details without TOO much explicitness?

  9. This was incredibly descriptive, i could see "you" sliding over her, pinning her, riding the curve of her waist, her body captive, and her mind...well, and there is where you leave us hanging...and you know how fertile my imagination is!!

    Thanks for a wonderful tease!