February 15, 2010

The Second Meeting

Sitting in the calm and quiet, I recalled that first meeting. I arrived early, walked around the lobby, familiarizing myself with the layout of the space. I decided to settle in a big chair in a conversation nook opposite the front desk where I could see the elevator foyer and catch her as she came out. For our first meeting, when she arrived I'd gotten up, and walked in stride beside her, holding her hand and smiling down at her.

Now, all this time later, we would be meeting again, but this time it would not be some uncertain, clandestine tete-a-tete in a vacant foyer or abandoned conference room. I knew her much better now, knew well her secret fears, fantasies and desires.

This time I sat in another big overstuffed chair, in a more private, and secluded conversation nook that was away from the front desk and separated from the usual flow of traffic of the lobby by partitions, large potted palms and fichus trees. This time, that fleeting fantasy I had pushed off my lap and brushed aside would be the fulfillment of the fantasies of a thousand days.

And then, I saw her walk out of the elevators, looking around for a point of reference, and saw a faint smile on her face as she recognized the location of our planned meeting place. She strode purposefully toward the entrance to the conversation nook, around the fichus trees, past the partitions and there she was, standing proudly in the entry way to this small quiet space, off the corner of lobby, a private little alcove.

As she walked across the open space toward my chair, I marveled at the dress, the same dress she had worn so well the last time. Now in a different configuration, more casual, more revealing, and oh so much more provocative. Or, perhaps it was the familiarity that has grown over all this time. My face lit up hearing her stride across the open space in heels that clicked and clacked on the tile, tall and sexy and confident, and once again, mine.

She stepped up to me, took hold of my outstretched hands, and I held her, maintaining her balance as she placed one knee outside of my left thigh near the arm of the chair. Then she swung her other leg across my lap and slid that knee between the chair arm and my other thigh, and settled back.

She settled her weight on my knees, and smiled, and sighed, and said softly, "Hello, my sir." She then slid down my thighs, closer to me, her knees slipped deeper into the cushions, alongside my hips. I took hold of the hem of the dress and spread it out and around, over my lap, the back down over my knees, and the sides down to the cushions of the chair.

I looked up into her smiling eyes, as I placed my hands on her hips. I slid them up the outsides of her waist, and bunched up the material of the dress in my hands so it was taut across her stomach and back, and pulled her up toward me. As she rose up and got her weight onto her knees, she supported herself with her hands on my shoulders. I moved my hands to the small of her back, still holding the material of her dress and toyed with the waist band of her panties.

I could read the anticipation in her eyes as I stretched, and pulled and bothered at the waist band, not yet pulling it up, but teasing her with the possibility. Her grip on my shoulders tightened, she leaned forward, I tilted my head to the side, and I wrapped by arms around her back and pulled her down until her lips met mine.

I moved my right hand to the back of her head. I tangled my fingers in her hair and took a tight grip on a handful. I pulling her head back and out to the side toward my shoulder, and straightened my head up. I turned her face toward me, and locking my mouth on top of hers. My tongue danced over her lips, through in between them, back and forth across them, past her teeth, and against her tongue, both of our mouths full and wide open, consuming each other, and pushing hard, sucking her breath from her, giving it back, pumping her lungs.

We continued to hold this long awaited second kiss as she moved her legs even further down into the cushions and settled her bottom further down onto my lap. I could feel the heat of her thighs pressing against mine as we got closer and closer together. I helped her move as we continued the kiss, pulling her down and forward with my hands in the small of her back/hips.

When she was settled as deeply into the cushions and my lap as she could be, I moved my hands to the sides of her waist and slowly worked them up along her ribs and around her torso until my thumbs were pressing through her dress against her nipples. I applied steady pressure on them, folding them over and up as they stiffened more and more. I could track her arousal by the depth and length of the breaths she was taking through both her nostrils and the corners of her mouth.

Then suddenly she broke the kiss and looked down at my hands as they moved more fully onto her breasts and continued their assault on her now rock hard nipples. I saw a sly grin on her face as her hands reached down between us and began pulling aggressively at the button to my slacks, and then the zipper. As she fumbled to release me from the confines of my slacks, I reached up under her dress and found the leg band of her tiny little bikinis. I worked my hand inside the leg and slowly rubbed, and opened her with my fingers, savoring the joy of her warmth and wetness.

When she finally freed me from my slacks, and held me upright, I guided her toward me, and I moved my hips forward, steering her down onto me. She slowly slid down around me, and rotated her hips, side to side, and circling. I moved my hands to her hips to further control her, helping her balance as she gyrated and rode me.

She settled into a rhythmic gyration, taking me in deeper and deeper, I arched my back, leaning as deeply into the back of the chair as I could, looking up at her. I can see, and feel, her working up toward her climax. She became more deliberate, and steady, and as she peaked, and I took my right hand off of her hip. As her body stiffened and started to shake, I placed my right hand up under her chin, thumb on one side of her neck and fingers on the other, pushing up and back, and applied steady pressure.

She looked at me with questioning and worry in her eyes. I smile back at her, and mouthed the words, "It is okay, relax." I put my other hand on the back of her head. Then, even as her body was still shaking, and her hips moving, her eyes rolled shut and she collapsed forward into my grasp. I guided her torso down against my chest, and I placed her head on my shoulder, and she was completely still . . .

February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, I don't really get it, except to say that love has no logic.

Even the identity matrix doesn't work normally