April 24, 2008

Looking for a Daddy

I was "interviewed" the other day, excerpts follow:

Hello, I am Joy, age 23 and I love tall men, may I ask your name please?My name is David, joy, how are you?
I am well thank you David, may I ask your age? Are you interested in daddy/daughter relationships?
I am 61, and yes, I might be.
Great so am I. So tell me what you are seeking?Not seeking anything specifically, but it would be a girl who needs the attention, discipline and guidance of an adult male in her life, one who understands the importance of compliance, willingness and discipline.
Perfect, I feel I need someone who will watch over me, keep me in line, and make me accountable for myself and my actions. I’d want him to give me rules, chores and a curfew and enforce them.
Very good joy, it is what a young girl often needs in her life.
It is what I need for sure.Do you live with your family still?
No, my mom was a teen mom who never grew up and I never knew my dad.
What about your husband, or boy friend?
I am not married, and I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago, because he was cheating on me. Do you work? Or are you retired?I work, semi retired technical systems support for casino management services, I am a former data processing manager. And what about you joy?
I am a cashier at two different jobs one full time, one part time.
Then you are a busy girl, which is good, obviously you are responsible. So, you want more discipline and structure in your life. Did you have discipline and now it is gone, or you are discovering this need now?
No. I never had it.You sound like a girl who would benefit from the attention and structure, I would get to know more about you, have you tell me that long story, learn your habits, routine, special needs and would set up rules for you, daily structure.
How would I be disciplined? I think I would need reinforcing discipline on a regular basis.Through loss of privileges, special tasks, special behaviors, spankings, physical discipline, etc. My age does not concern you?
Not at all, I want a father figure you’d be perfect.
Okay, you are a young girl and I want to me sure. If I were to take control of you it would entail all facets of your life, you understand that? What and how you eat, generally, schedules, chores, manner of dress, dating, how you spend your time, not micromanaged but structured.
No problem.
To start with I want you to write me sort of an essay, take me through your week, day by day, and tell me what you do, what you do you want to stop and generally give me a picture of your life/routine. Now, if you work at noon, you need to get ready.
Ok, take care great chatting with you Daddy! May I call you that?

Being online frequently, I have a fair number of conversations with a posers, players, role players, cyber prowlers and general goofballs. Most conversations last maybe 15 minutes, which seems to be their attention span. But I am surprised by the number of young women, like this one, seemingly serious, who are seeking and craving "adult supervision" and dominance.

April 14, 2008

Can You Spot a Dominant or submissive

Do you believe in the notion that a dominant can spot a submissive? And, that a submissive can spot a dominant? I mean, can you just tell by looking at someone? People talk about a deer in the headlights look, but I am not sure it is exactly that. A submissive girl I know describes it thus, “I see a man looking at me, and I cannot look away, and I just know, he's one of those men.”

A few years ago, I was in a local hotel/casino, at a blackjack table playing cards, and had been there for a couple of hours. I was chatting with the floor person in the middle of the pit. Over his shoulder I glanced at another table about 20 feet away and locked eye contact with a woman playing at that other table. I smiled at her; she dropped her gaze slightly and smiled, but kept eye contact. We looked back and forth at each other several times over the next hour, but never spoke, just eye contact and smiles.

Full of confidence/hope, I made dinner reservations, at the steak house in the hotel. After another half hour passed, I got up to cash out, looked over at her and nodded to her, and she did the same. I walked over, said hello to the dealer while he was coloring her out, and took hold of her wrist and said, let’s go have dinner.

When we sat down for dinner, I ordered Chateaubriand; we had dinner and made small talk. She was in town visiting family, and would be here through the weekend. As we finished dinner, I said, let’s go dancing, and we went to Larry’s Hideaway, a small country and western lounge with a band and smallish dance floor.

When we arrived the crowd was small, we got settled, and went onto the dance floor. In country western dancing the man’s left hand and woman’s right are held as usual in dancing, but the man’s right hand/wrist is rested on the woman’s left shoulder and her hand holds the hook of his elbow. As we started dancing around the floor, I reached my hand up under her hair and grabbed a hand full at the back of her neck and held it tightly. She looked up at me, and as I held tight onto that grip of her hair, pulling her head back just the slightest, she closed her eyes, smiled, made a soft noise, and in that moment the question was asked and answered; "Are you? Yes, and yes I am".

April 6, 2008

Discovering Submissiveness 2

I do not know what happens or happened in someones development or genetics that results in that thing we call submissiveness, or dominance for that matter. However, over the years I have observed different circumstances that seem to create an awareness or awakening and lead people to discover these things about themselves.
Late last year, I posted about a young friend, Marie, and her discovery of her submissiveness through a surreal event on a camping trip.

I met Marie in an online rape survivors chat room. In addition to those survivors rooms, there are rooms about early experiences, and I have talked to many girls who began their sexual experiences at the hands of older men, often family members. I am sure many of these things develop out of originally innocent laps sitting, knee bouncing, tickling, wrestling, and other playfulness. Certainly not through what would be considered forced rape or assault, but expressions of caring, affection, comforting, cajoling, and conspiring. Make no mistake, these are inappropriate relationships, these girls are not of an age of consent, but the result is often much different than the rape victims discussed earlier. There is a bond and affection that develops between the young girl and the older, usually male, family member.

These relationships are most often ongoing, secretive, clandestine, conspiratorial, and non-violent. She learns how to be cute, joyful, flirtatious, how to produce a smile, she learns to develop those feminine wiles. She learns to please this man, learns pleasure from him; it begins an expression of some inherent personality bent toward submissiveness, or this experience introduces her to submissive behavior which she adopts. She becomes daddy's or grandpa's good little girl. That desire to please, and receive that mature affection, guides and influences the development of her relationships with men as she matures.