January 26, 2008

Getting to Know Yourself

A couple of bloggers I have read recently, have identified/labeled themselves in the context of the Myer-Briggs or Keirsey Temperaments. It reminded me that I had taken this temperament sorter several years ago and refreshed it fairly recently.

This is particularly interesting for those of us, like me, who love to analyze and think things through. Or, for anyone interesting in knowing more about why people do what they do, and react the way they react. It is particularly good to identifying feeling types, or thinkers, giving insight into how people perceived and react to experiences.

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is the most widely used personality instrument in the world. This information has helped many people have a better understanding of each other.

As it turns out, I scored out as a Mastermind (a Rational), an iNTj.

Have some fun, learn a little, take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Enjoy!


  1. Scary stuff

    i did the mini one and it was spot on. Although i know all that stuff about myself it is still fascinating when a simple study also reveals it.

    BTW what are the correlations with astrology, 4 types in each case. Don't we humans just love Earth, Air , Fire and Water in their various guises.

    And in case you are wondering i am an idealist.

  2. Please understand that when i added you to my links list i couldn't bear to break up the pairing of daemon and deity, i just love the juxtaposition of their names.

    best wishes


  3. Another idealist ~Healer~ checking in. i had taken the Myers Briggs tests a couple of times and find it remarkable that my basic "nature, if you will" hasn't changed. i have always tested as INF, sometimes P and sometimes J. Learning to live with one's true nature seems to offer the best hope for contentment.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thank you both. I am not sure about the correlation to Astrological signs, I will think on that, I have a couple of unpolished ideas.

    Also, not scientific, but I would expect a majority/lot of submissives are Idealists, the feeling types, the F in INF as I recall.

    And am not surprised to that Dominants are Rationals, thinkers.

    When I originally took it, my sub at the time tested as an iNFp, completely complimentary to my iNTj.

    Interesting stuff.


  5. I'm not so sure that submissives and idealists go hand in hand. We do what is right and just, that doesn't really fit with some of the power plays undertaken.

    Then again i didn't read the other types in any particular depth so couldn't really comment on whether another type would be more naturally submissive.

  6. How very interesting. i came up being a Guardian. One of the things that stuck out to me was that Guardians believe in following rules and cooperating with others. Perfect for being His slave.

    That test was eerily true! Thanks for sharing!


  7. David,

    Over the past few years when i do these tests, i most often test out as INFP. Sometimes the INTP. One time even as a guardian but only once. Do you think there are many "pure" personality types? Maybe certain people or circumstances trigger certain responses?

  8. i forgot to say one more thing :).... amazing how some of the descriptions fit so well as though it was a unique personality profile made just for me.

  9. Most of the submissives that I have seen take this test seem to come up as Idealists, Healers, Guardians, an interesting clustering I think but I certainly am not schooled enough to suggest drawing any conclusions from that.

    It really is uncanny how they can describe what sounds almost exactly like you.

    Obviously people are not one thing, one way, all the time. As you say, sometimes you are an iNFp and others an iNTp, which is Feeling vs Thinking and may well indicate a right brain, left brain thing and where your consciousness is, at any given time.

    I seem to recall that the letters further to the right in the ranking are more likely to vary with circumstance or borderline characteristics. The I at the beginning is a very general Introvert (or E for Extrovert) and that is not likely to change at all, no matter your mood or circumstance.