January 21, 2011

Frederick - Friday morning

Continued from Agnes sleeps over . . .

As they sat on the bed drinking their coffee Frederick moved his hand under the comforter and placed it on the side of Agnes’s leg. Her body shivered as his hand pushed up into the hamstring muscle and then slowly back up toward her knee, applying a lifting pressure that dug into the hollow of the muscle, fingers digging into her hamstring. He repeated that movement again so that his fingertips worked even deeper into the muscle. He moved his hand up to the back of her knee and lifted her leg, turned it across her torso and twisted her to almost a sitting position. He marvelled at her wonderfully strong but lithe legs; trim, healthy, country girl legs.

He offered his hand and pulled her up into a sitting position at the edge of the bed. “Another cup of coffee?” She nodded. He took the cups to the kitchen, refilled them and brought one back to her.

“Go shower.”

She gave him a quizzical look and he repeated himself. “Go shower and I will put out something fresh you to wear. It will be in the bedroom. You will find any toiletries you might need in the bathroom cabinet. ”

While Agnes went in and turned on the water in the shower, Frederick went into one of the bedroom closets and picked out a simple soft cotton shift with 3/4 sleeves, medium short length. He held it up and guessed it would fit well and come to about mid thigh. He nodded his head, smiled, and laid it across the foot of the bed.

He heard the shower running and returned to the kitchen and began preparing something for breakfast. He chopped some nuts and dates, put them in a serving bowl and added raisins. He served up two bowls of cereal, and filled a small pitcher with soy milk. He then peeled and sectioned a couple oranges. He moved everything over to the dining table and set two places.

He moved over to the desk and sat down, checking his morning email. He sent off some instructions to his agents, arranging activities for that day that would effectively clear his calendar. He wanted to be sure he had the entire day to spend with Agnes. He knew he would have to take a few calls but they would be simple status updates and a couple of yes/no decisions he would need to make. He checked to be sure that his phone was plugged in and charging, and that everything was synchronizing.

Just then he heard the bedroom door creak and Agnes stood there on the threshold.

“How does this look?”

She stood there wearing the dress he had put out for her. It was a little longer that he thought it would be but was still well above her knee. She looked all squeaky clean without any make up and wet, flat hair. He was pleased with how the dress fit her, and how she looked.

He got up from his desk, walked across the room to her and gave her a big smile. He put his hand up, his index finger pointed down and twirled it slowly. She turned around to let him see how she looked and he said, “You look very nice, and it fits you quite well. Do you like it?”

She smiled back and nodded. “I think I . . . “ but he put his finger up to his lips, and said, “Shhhhhh.” He decided to test her a little and see how she responded to non-verbal signals.

He picked up a leather and wood hair tie from the kitchen counter and went around behind her. He lifted and pulled her damp hair together, combing it with his fingers. He twisted it into a loose ponytail and wrapped the hair tie to gather it at the base of her neck. Her wet hair fell half way down her back, dampening most of the back of the dress. He then came back around in front of her, tilting his head, raising his eyebrows, begging the question, is that what you were going to ask about? She started to say something but he put his finger to his lips again and she fell silent. She smiled, and put her palms together, held them up in front of herself and bowed slightly.

He took her by the wrist, led her over to the table. He put up his hand in a “stand still” gesture and picked up a length of light rope. He wrapped it twice around her waist and tied it loosely as a sort of belt or draw, "We may need this later." She looked down at the rope, pondering the rope for a moment and then shrugged her shoulders.

He pulled her chair out and seated her. He went and took his seat at the opposite end of the table, and made a gesture with his hands to indicate, help yourself. They ate in silence and he used this quiet time to observe her in a more relaxed natural environ, sitting in a quiet “home” setting and eating a very simple meal. She seemed lost in the moment, not performing for him or trying to impress, but simply being herself. Being stripped of her clothes, in a common ordinary shift dress, no make up, bare feet, she seemed new and fresh and pure.

After he finished eating he got up and went to the refrigerator and took out a water pitcher. He snapped his fingers twice and Agnes turned and looked at him. He held up the pitcher and a glass. She nodded yes, and he brought them each a full glass.

He sat and relaxed, drinking the ice cold water while Agnes finished eating her breakfast. He interrupted the silence momentarily and said, “When we finish breakfast I want to take you down and show you the courtyard we talked about last night.” He looked over at the clock, it was approaching 11:00.

Frederick got up from the table, walked around, picked up Agnes’s water glass and refilled it. He came back and collected Agnes and led her over to the couch where she had fallen asleep the night before. He motioned her to take a seat, put down the water glass, and moved a stack of magazines closer. With a raised hand gesture, he signalled her to remain seated. He turned and walked away, to go brush and shave and comb, and get himself ready for their outing.

In the bathroom he opened the cabinet and found her skirt and blouse and bra on hangers on the back of the cabinet door. He gathered them up, went into the bedroom and hung them in the closet where he had earlier retrieved the dress she was wearing. He also put a wide toothed comb in his pocket.

While he was in the closet he gathered up a couple of long light bandannas and put them around his neck, securing them in place with a simple wooden ring. He also took out a small hunting knife in a sheath with an attached sling that he put over his head and under one arm so it hung at his right side. He pulled his shirt out and over so it lay against his skin, out of sight. He found his lightweight huarache sandals at the foot of the bed, slipped them on and headed back out to the living room.

When he came back into the room he stopped by his desk and looked quickly for any messages. Finding none, he unplugged and pocketed his phone and went over to the sitting area. Agnes was seated on the couch, exactly where he had placed her, reading a magazine. She looked up and smiled as he walked across the room, and adjusted and settled herself as he sat down beside him. She turned to him and started to ask a question, but once again he put his finger to his lips.

He gestured for her to turn her back to him and as she did he removed the leather hair tie and brought out the comb. He spent a few minutes combing out her hair, parting it in the middle, smoothing it back into a new ponytail and reapplied the hair tie, tighter this time, close up to the base of her skull. She sat very still during the whole process but he could hear her making a soft deep humming sound as he worked her hair. When he finished, she turned back to him, smiled, and said, “Thank you very much.” He nodded his head to say, you are welcome, but again, with his finger, admonished her to silence.

As he looked at her he noticed her erect nipples pressing out against the soft material of the dress, and remembered that he had found her bra with her other clothes in the bathroom. He wondered with a wry smile if the arousal was the result of the cold morning air, or if it was in response to his attention and touching, and suspected the later. He looked back up and noticed she was noticing him noticing. He smiled back at her for a few moments, making no excuse or apology and then offered his hand to help her stand up. He led her over to the alcove, and pointed down at her sandals. She slipped them onto her feet and followed Frederick to the front door.

They went down the hallway and past the stairs they had come up the night before, and through a door at the end of the hall. The door opened onto a broad balcony that ringed the inner walls of the building. Looking down over the rail, down two floors was a lush, mature garden, so full of trees and bushes that you could not see the ground through the foliage. Frederick motioned Agnes to the right and they walked toward a spiral stairway that wound down into the treetops.

(Agnes's reaction)

(to be continued)


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