August 6, 2010

(and more)

She pulls into the driveway, parks her car,
Rings the bell, waiting for him to answer the door;
(and more), he opens the door, eyes locked on hers, and says, "Now".

She comes in the door, removes her shoes,
places her purse and keys on the table;
(and more), kneels down, head forward, for the collar.

Standing on a balcony, leaning on the rail,
pressed close, intimately, gazing at each other;
(and more), he grabs her throat, squeezes.

Sitting in a lounge, side by side, on stools,
leaning shoulder to shoulder, talking idly about nothing;
(and more), his hand goes between her thighs, taking.

Dinner is prepared, taken to the table, places set,
he says "thank you", she smiles back, "you're welcome";
(and more), silently, not speaking, until released to do so.

Out to dinner with her man, dressed to the nines,
she walks back from the ladies room, on display;
(and more), handing him her folded panties.

After dinner, as they leave, the valet brings the car,
he guides her into place, touches her head affectionately;
(and more), locking his fingers in her hair, gripping tightly.

Girl on her back on the couch, spread open,
him leaning over her, pounding her vigorously;
(and more), shoving his fingers into her mouth, filling her.

Ready for bed, standing naked, she waits,
he is absorbed, prolonging the wait, she relaxes;
(and more), as she never would have before.

and more, and more; (and then) even more, than ever before.


  1. This is wonderful, David. It is really clever, demonstrating so artfully that a power exchange is a great relationship...and then some more.

    I love it.

  2. I do love reading your offerings. It is just like you are inside my head. x

  3. David,
    Like Vesta, I like the mechanism you use here to contrast the two relationship styles. If I may ask, I would be interested if you were to write more in the same vein, but exploring more of the emotional or mental aspects of the dynamic, as in the last stanza. Thank you.

  4. I love the way you write.
    Thanks for putting this particular post up; it resonates with me very deeply.

  5. Tugging on sleeve...I'm ready for another post. ;)