December 29, 2011

Building Heat

“Sit up, nice and straight, back against the booth.”

She smiled, shifting.

“Put your feet flat on the floor, fingers interlaced, on the table.”

I glanced down and saw her toes, even with each other, about 12 inches apart.

“Sit very still.”

After a few minutes I said, “Reposition yourself and cross one leg over the other, nice and snug.”

She shifted around, complying.

“Now, start rocking your upper foot.”

I could feel the tip of her toe brushing against my trousers as it moved to and fro. I looked at her face; her eyes were beginning to glaze over.


  1. I love being told to "sit up nice and straight."

  2. very nice.. He doesn't have to tell me to sit up straight anymore.. although I do like to hear the words.

  3. Even on the third read through, I am compelled to sit up and place my

  4. ;-) Happy New Year 2012!