December 22, 2011

The Fire

"The game is called Submission, perhaps you are familiar with it?"

She shook her head, "No."

"I will take this list and make a plan, to guide you through the accomplishment of these goals. Your side of this bargain is to follow my suggestions; sometimes they will be obvious and easy, other times you will not want to do as I instruct, and you will rebel.

"You’ll tell me your objection and we'll discuss it, then you’ll do as I instruct."

"And if I still don't want to do what you tell me to?"

"Then the game can be over."


  1. Ohhhh!!!! *leaning forward waiting for more

  2. Fun, mysterious play? Perhaps so?
    Ohhhh!!!! *leaning forward waiting for more
    I think she might be leaning back, wondering what she's in for.