January 13, 2012

Mirror Mirror - Flash Fiction Friday

(Artist, Helmut Newton, title unknown)
She got up out of the bed, putting the magazines down, driven, aroused and crazed. She pressed herself against the mirror, moving her hips rolling them up and down, rotating her pelvis.

She had always wanted to be inside herself, wondering what it would be like to feel herself. Not receiving but giving, or more accurately, giving and receiving simultaneously. Of course she had felt others, felt her fingers inside them, but it was just someone else.

She wanted her innie to be converted to an outie, something she could put inside herself and feel what it felt like to be inside herself. She was wanting to feel her nipples against her own nipples, feeling her breasts pressed against themselves, feel the arousal of the arousal.

She wanted to be the giver and the taker, feeling the pleasure of giving pleasure herself to herself as she felt receiving it.

She pressed harder and harder; breast to breast, nipple to nipple, mound to mound, the mirror was cracked and failing to give her the push back she needed.

She pounded her hands on the wall, crazed, “Let me inside!”

This challenge is to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 85-188 words, using the phrase: "...cracked and failing..."


  1. oh, an element of the crazed narcissus here! Pulled me right along, too! Great entry, David!

    Happy FFF the 13th


  2. The way you wrote this you could feel her frenzy. I like the closing "let me inside".


  3. I liked, "wanting her innie to be converted to an outie"~made me smile.

  4. A very introspective look, and I agree with Hedone... love the last line.