December 5, 2011


He caressed my shoulder while we watched a movie, (nice). His hand moved down to my breast, but I pushed it away. Soon his hand was at my neck, teasing, slipping down again onto my breast, “Stop it.”

I moved away; escaped across the room. He followed, pinned me against the wall, arm across my chest, hand up under my dress. I jerked his arm down, “No!”

He slapped me, (stunned), then grabbed my throat, clutching hard. His mouth sought mine; I deflected, trying to squirm away.

I pressed my elbow into his chest, speaking loudly, sternly, “I mean it!”


  1. I think us females have this fantasy of an assault happening but when it occurs in real life we get scared! I know, I do.... I also would have screamed STOP, I mean it!!!


  2. She enjoyed the caress, I'm guessing she enjoyed the rest too. I know I would have.

    When i read it I was thinking "Very Hot", and the idea of this being anything but a consensual non-consent scenario didn't cross my mind until i saw Christina's comment. Thought provoking again, David.

  3. It's HOT for a real life I'd be furious if a man slapped me.


  4. I'm thinking knee straight to the groin next. But maybe I missed the point.

  5. wow.



    a movie in 100 words.

    and in a D/s format? UBER hot.

    women feel guilty for having rape fantasies...or at least i do...and yet...this plays deeply along the lines of where my mind wanders down that naughty, forbidden path.

    and gods it is so freakin' hot, David.