December 3, 2011

Heating Up, Again

There she was, sitting in the specified booth looking very much self-absorbed. I walked in and stood at the end of the table until she looked up, and said, “Hello.”

I slid into the opposite seat and recognized the printed list. I also recognized that same tank top, affording me that same delicious view.

“I see you’ve brought the list.”

She smiled nervously, “Yes.”

Reflexively she reached into her purse for a pack of cigarettes. I caught her hand, and took the pack from her, holding it in the air, twisting and turning, slowly, in the space between us.



  1. He will get her to stop smoking - Im sure!
    And it is a very dirty habit and removes Oxygen from the brain!!


  2. i love this David...not overtly controlling most of the time, but it is a thread that runs from story to story...a weaving of the web of Dominance around her, and her all unknowing....

    so well done in 100 - word increments!!