December 7, 2012

Right Here - Flash Fiction Friday

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When I answered the door, I didn't think it would be a problem, I invited him in and said, “Let me go pull on a pair of shorts.”

As I hurried down the hall I heard his footsteps behind me. I started to turn but he grabbed me by the back of the neck, pushing me forward. He said he was going to push me up against a wall and do dirty things to me. I said, “No, don’t!”

He seemed uncertain what to do, but finally made his decision and pushed me face first against the wall. He pressed me hard against the wall, right here. Exactly, right here, my face, see? the oil from my skin, and sweat?

I felt his hand slip down my back, his fingers between my cheeks, and, well, you know how much I love that. All I could say was, “Please. Don’t. Stop.”

This week's Flash Fiction Friday (FFF) challenge phrase (and this is the hard part): Decision. The word limit is 150 or 300 if you do the extra credit of writing both perspectives. (I will have to settle for the Extra Extra credit, but not the Extra).

Reference back to Advizor's blog for the original challenge and other contributions. I hope many of you will one day (next week?) decide to join in the fun, would that be FFFF?


  1. OH! I like it. She was telling him and .... oooh, yeah, that's a good take. Thanks for playing along and for supplying such a great picture. I hope so see you next week. The prompt will go up on Sunday!

    Also: I've added a link to your story to my original post. I hope to have the link collector working by next week.

  2. Nice take, and a number of similarities to mine. :-)

    Happy FFF!

  3. Great take. Saucy little tease, but she secretly she knows how to get what she wants. :)

  4. This got my imagination going... yum. Great FFFing with you!

  5. Loved your character's voice. You write her dialogue perfectly. Great interpretation of the prompt.

  6. Yes. Don't stop.

  7. David: It's good to see FFF back on your page. Is there one for this week? I'm confused...