December 6, 2012

Five Years

Five years blogging, one half of a decade, seems like such a long time although in truth the time has flown by. It has been a quiet year for me blogging, somewhere about mid year I lost my fire and have not found my voice. Ideas percolate but never seem to issue forth or get mired in drafts.

Part of it was the “demise” of Flash Fiction Friday (FFF) which helped keep me inspired, and it is coming back. In fact it has been around being kindly shepherded by a couple of good souls but I had lost my visibility to it. I will welcome it back as it was helpful in keeping my mind engaged. Previously there was a dedicated blog that housed/hosted FFF but that owner/host has been overwhelmed by circumstance. Hopefully it will find a permanent home again soon, a place where people can be directed to and get ensnared into the game. Tomorrow, 12/7, I will be posting another FFF offering, based on a picture I found that sparked my imagination.

Another pending loss is e[lust], which will go silent at the end of this month unless a new mistress(es) can be found. e[lust] was a resurrection of the idea behind Sugasm, a monthly collection of blog posts centered on erotica where bloggers submit their favorite pieces each month and some sort of evaluating is done and monthly top choices are made. Even if a piece is not selected, all of the stories submitted receive very wide distribution and I have found some of my favorite new authors or undiscovered writers through their inclusion in the e[lust] monthly offerings. It will be a greater loss than we realize even now.

Neither of these, or other prodding were my impetus to write, but they were like snacks along the way. They were/are tasty little treats that sustained the energy level and kept the creative juices simmering. I still have every intention of continuing the story of Frederick and Agnes, and other little projects like 100 words.

So it is a much more subdued recognition of the annual marker this year but rest assured I am still here even if it is currently more as a blog reader rather than blog writer. I will accept that writers’ energies wax and wane and forge on.

I am pleased to see from my statistics that there is a steady stream of friends/readers/visitors passing by each day, your interest and participation is greatly appreciated.


  1. What a wonderful milestone! Congratulations! I do hope your inspirations return,or you find new ones. I look forward to reading more!

  2. Congratulations on five years.. a long time in this world of blogging.

    I also hope your inspiration returns in the New Year. I've always enjoyed your writing and thoughts.

  3. I've been away a long time this time, David, yet you are always "there"...if you know what I mean? A quiet, solid *presence* in the blogosphere. I hope you continue writing, as your voice offers something to us all.
    Happy Blogoversary, David. You are truly the best of us.


  4. Glad to see you dabbling your toes back into the blogosphere. I will look forward to more of Frederick and Anges.

  5. David: Five year is certainly a milestone and a lovely one at that. It's good to see you back to writing again.