December 21, 2012

Father Christmas - Flash Fiction Friday

I came in and found sweet slave Sally, wonderfully naked, decorating the Christmas tree. Her nakedness had an immediate effect on me.

“Oh, Sir, I am so glad you are here. These branches are too high for me to reach.”

I went over behind her, pressed against her backside and leaned in to help place the ornaments.

But she smiled, saying, “Father is looking for you.”

* * * * 

In the foyer I found sweet patient Patricia, tethered to the centerpost of the room, in clamps, a plaid skirt and heels.

Taking advantage of her, I leaned in kissing her under the mistletoe and slid my fingers up under her skirt. She moaned softly and squirmed from side to side. I leaned in, going for more.

But she smiled, saying, “Father is looking for you.”

* * * * 

I reluctantly walked off toward the back of the house, calling out, “Father, where are you?”

I heard his voice in the distance, “Stay!”

And then his voice boomed, “Sit up!”

I turned the corner and found a totally unexpected sight, a sweet new girl, collared and leashed, sitting up.

“Ahh.” he said, “There you are.”

“Just doing some final training with your Christmas present, Puppy.”

Woof! Woof!

The Challenge, as issued by Advisor:

So many choices.....  I've been thinking about a holiday post, something Christmas/Holiday oriented, because, believe me, there's not a lot of Hanukkah porn. I checked. I know that this time of year is busy for everyone but I hope you will find some time to write a naughty little something to keep our holiday spirit hard in our hearts.  :-)  

I decided to give you a gift of my own.  You get to choose from three of my favorite Christmas Pictures, but, the prompt and word count are the same for all three!

Prompt Word = Unexpected 
Word Count = 200 (same as my Christmas budget) (Spot on: 66 + 66 + 66 + 2 = 200)
Extra Credit = Use more than one picture... (Absolutely)

Find out who else is playing along today, their links are at the bottom of the current post at Advisor's blog.


  1. What a delightful interpretation!

    "arf" she said ;)

  2. David: This is delightful. I hope that training doesn't hold Santa up too long. A lot of children are relying on him to be hasty! Giggling...

  3. I liked how you worked the pics and prompt. A delightful read.

  4. Wow! Santa's son gets THE BEST PRESENT! Great how you wove the photos together. Happy FFF!

  5. A wonderful FFF and a great way to get in the mood for the holidays.

    I hope your holidays are merry and bright and full of joy and play and fun and good writing.

    See you on Friday!!!

  6. The first picture that is supposed to be Sally, sure looks a lot like Luba Shumeyko. It is hard to get permission to use her photograph. I don't think she speaks English.

  7. I love the "tree" decorations :D

  8. I guess Santa found her very very naughty :D