December 14, 2012

Next - Flash Fiction Friday

Hearing their noise, I could not help but peek and stare into the room and watch the action. I knew I was to be next and wanted a bit of an inkling as to what would be happening.

As he would thrust forward and back there was squealing from both the girl and the bed springs. With them both on their knees the old wire spring form bed frame was stressed and showing it’s age. Odd that my discovery of the bed frame and its structure and compliance would be so distracting. But knowing I would be next made me wonder if my stature would have a similar effect. The noise nearly overshadowed the sounds of both of their pleasures.

With each thrust she would scream and grunt. She pushed back to keep from being driven forward to collapse, rocking back as he withdrew slightly, shifting his weight back over his knees.

I reached down, touching myself, still so sore from the last time in the room down the hall. But here I was again, next, hearing the man explode and release and her loud reaction. I steeled myself for my turn; still so sore from where the strap-on had rubbed against me, I wondered if I could be as forceful with her as the man had been.

For this week,
The key word is, "Discovery"
The world limit is 219
Extra Credit for NOT using the word, symbol, or synonym for 3/three or any variation thereof (or in any language)
Extra Extra Credit is given to anyone who suggests a FFF picture HERE.


  1. Ooh! Adore the twist! Yum. Great FFFing with you!

  2. LOL! Ah, what a delightful change up in the order of things. I like how you pictured this.

  3. I agree with WORD, I really didn't see the last line coming, but it was a great ending to the story. I hope she had a good time, even if she was sore....

    It's great to have you writing along with us!!

  4. LOVED the twist at the end!! Wow. :)

  5. Enjoyable reading, for sure.