December 10, 2010

King Sol - Friday Flash Fiction

(Image source: "King Sol" by Carolyn Weltman)
Red squatted down, scooting in close, my arm around her waist. Settling in, she completed the triad, actualizing Blue's fantasy. Leaning in more, she placed her hand on Blue's thigh, kissing her. She was shivering with desire from that first touch.

Deepening the kiss, lips stuck together, slowly peeling apart. Tongues dancing, darting around, over, under, thrusting; biting her lip. Gasping, and breathing heavily, Blue was afire with lust; perky breasts, gumdrop nipples, bright slutty red nails. Enthralled with being watched.

My nostrils were filled with the earthy damp fragrance of their arousal.

I reached in, scratching my thumbnail over her hypersensitive button, triggering a slow, shuddering, shaking, foot-cramping orgasm.

The action interrupted
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Leaning in I whispered
Reds hand stroking me
it's good to be the King

(Using the supplied artwork, write a flash fiction of 107-127 words, incorporating the phrase "...shivering with desire...")


  1. It is indeed to be a king or a queen...especially if foot-cramping orgasms are involved. Nice phrase.

  2. Such wonderfully picturesque images here.

  3. Nice take. A lot of detail in a few words.

    As always, it's good to be the king!

  4. I'm glad someone else besides me saw the title of the picture. You did more with it though. I hope this king looks a little bit sexier than Mel Brooks, but with ladies of that caliber, who's complaining ;) I love the foot-cramping orgasm too; I've had a few of those and never really thought about the imagery.

  5. Wow, this is absolutely amazing. The writing, no matter how short, is absolutely mind-bogglingly wonderful. You truly are the one inspiring me to do that much better on my next FFF, and in all my writing in general.

    Thank you very much for this interesting perspective.

  6. I love their names and all the action going on here.

  7. LOL... Loved the wording 'good to be the king'. The interplay and transition between characters was great. I enjoyed this one.

  8. David, once more, a delight for all the senses...lusty and explained the pic in detail...just this *perfect* amount of detail...and lovely to see it from His perspective...


  9. So good to be the King indeed! Thank you for introducing FFF to me. It is fun.

  10. Nice one! =)
    Especially because there aren't that many words used to describe the situation...but still so intense. Lovely..

    - x -

  11. Amazing what we can do with so few words! Loved it.

  12. I can't help but think of "History of the World" with that phrase, but still -- great piece! "Red and Blue" amuses me.

    -- PB

  13. Very sexy story. I like the part about scratching his thumbnail on her sensitive button to cause her orgasm. Very original.