December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve - Friday Flash Fiction

(Artwork is from a 70s Playboy cover by Haddon Sundblom,
who is rather more well known for his other Christmas art)
She was being an insufferable imp. I regretted having invited her to help wrap gifts for the family. Every time I turned around she was unwrapping a gift I had just wrapped. “Stop it!! Why are you doing this?” All she said was, "They’re not wrapped right,“ and sashayed out of the room. When she returned she had another mug of brandied eggnog.

She looked god-awful cute in her Santa's helpers outfit; high black boots, red skirt, wide black belt and gold buckle, and button-up red shirt with fluffy cuffs. It was topped off with a Santa's hat and her silky blond hair cascading over her shoulders. She had a brandy-laced grin plastered on her face. But even with all that, I was losing my patience and self-control.

My young distant cousin was testing my resolve, even the threat of a spanking was met by her flipping up her skirt, flashing red satin bikinis, and a sassy wiggle of her fanny. Frustrated, I finally backed her into the corner and barked, “This game is over!” Her response was a broad beaming smile as she unbuttoned her Santa shirt, unwrapping a gift that I would gladly re-wrap later.

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(Use the supplied artwork to write a flash fiction of 121-199 words, incorporating the phrase "...unwrapping a gift...")

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  1. I think this one was just begging for a spanking, wasn't she? Something about that smile...

    Great story, as well! I think I'm going to enjoy participating in FFF from now on. :)


  2. Ooh, sexy! I could see this playing out in my mind's eye, and I'm sure you don't mind that I played it a bit past the point where the story ended, just because I couldn't stand to leave them frozen a moment before the best part ;)

  3. LOL! What a naughty girl! I like her. ;-)

    Happy Holidays!

  4. *Thank you Scin. Glad to have you in the game here.
    *Yes, Lexi, maybe I should have written a second version and busted out the word limit to 249, and given them a proper finish?
    *Very true, Sweets, she is a naughty girl, did you mean, "I'm like her.:-)" ?

  5. LOL! David, you'll have to find out for yourself. ;-)))

  6. Oh, BRAVO!! i've had restricted computer time this past week, with wife home on holiday vacation, but oh i'm so glad a took a moment to swing by and see what is new (and i see another new-to-me post behind this one!)

    You so perfectly captured the insouciance in this naughty Santa's helper, David! And i could all but feel His/Your bubbling frustration, and the culmination....mmmm...delightful word images!

    You paint like a Grand Master!


  7. just crusing by, great story. love the content warning link, too funny.