December 31, 2010

First Winter's Kiss - Friday Flash Fiction

He spread her parka over the snow and she lay down. Repositioning, he slipped on the ice, and slid down. She turned, laughing. He finished undressing as she watched over her shoulder, savoring the view. He was about to score the ultimate goal, directly between the uprights. Clambering up the ice, he slipped into her. His hand hooking her neck and accepted her first winter’s kiss.
Releasing her neck, his hand moved down her spine, squeezing her cheeks. His thumb probed incessantly deeper and found entrance.
(Use the picture provided to write a flash fiction of 66-86 words. incorporating the phrase, "...winter's kiss...")

Oh you wanted to see the girl
so what did you have in mind
something small and discreet
or, maybe, bigger and bolder

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  1. Are you scared we'll tell on you for having naughty pictures on your blog ;) Your words are far naughtier than the picture could possibly be.

  2. Winter's kiss...a cold hard cock. The iceman cometh.

  3. I just love seeing all of the different takes on one photo. This is a great exercise and yours is awfully hot for such a cold day. ;)


  4. A delightfully playful piece.

    Happy New Year!

  5. realistic, eager, fun, hawt.

    Another great FFF!!

    Thank You, David, for all the encouragement, the head-pats... i wish you all the best in the coming year, but most of all, i wish you deep joy, fulfilling relationships, and a peaceful heart.


  6. Delightful! Although I expected a frozen tush when he fell in the snow.

    Enjoyed the tease with the pic too!

  7. I think your words always paint a nice erotic picture in my mind and leave me wanting more!

    Happy New Year,
    Valley Girl

  8. Yes, to what Valley Girl wrote above. Your words are wonderfully erotic and leave me wanting more. Also love how you posted the photos -- big and small. Love that idea. ;-)