August 19, 2008

Dominant and submissive

Pearls of wisdom? Perhaps not, but nice words to read. I received both of these pieces in emails from the local BDSM club, I liked them enough to share them. While they use specific words, Master and slave, I think they are generally applicable to most BDSM relationships or any relationship perhaps? (I do not know their origins):

A Man who displays sensitivity will be a Master who is sensitive to you.
A Man who displays humility will be a Master who will show you respect.
A Man who is quiet will be a Master who will hear your quietest whisper.
A Man who knows fear will be a Master who will not leave you to face yours alone.
A Man who will listen to a child will be a Master who will always work to understand your words.
A Man who can stand alone will be a Master who will not crush you under His weight.
A Man who controls Himself with ease will be a Master with the ability to control you in the same way.
A Man who does not have to prove His point will be a Master with many worthwhile points to share.
A Man who never makes demands will be a Master who treasures anything you give.
A Man who doesn't run after you will be a Master you will never need to run away from.
A Man who is calm will be a Master who can weather your storms.
A Man who has walked the path to peace will be a Master able to guide you along that path.
A Man who does not shout will be a Master who will never deafen you.
A Man who knows Himself will be a Master who will have time to know you.
A Man with an open mind will be a Master who never stops learning.
A Man who never stops learning will be a Master who never stops growing.
A Man who always seeks to be the best He can be for you is the only Man truly worthy of being called your Master.

slavery is not about suffering . . . it is about service.
slavery is not about humiliation . . . it is about humility.
slavery is not about being used . . . it is about being of use.
slavery is not about control . . . it is about letting go.
slavery is not about proving anything . . . it is about being real.
slavery is not about contempt . . . it is about respect.
slavery is not about how you look . . . it is about how you care.
slavery is not about punishment . . . it is about discipline.
slavery is not about being unable to escape . . . it is about being committed.
slavery is not about fear . . . it is about trust.
slavery is not about sex . . . it is about love!!!
. . . one of the hardest things about slavery is the fine line separating communication and obedience . . .


  1. thank you for sharing this, I really needed a reminder :)

  2. I think this is great thank you for sharing.

  3. Definetly pearls of wisdom...
    And something i greatly needed to read at this point, in my life.
    Thank you for sharing this..


  4. I am really enjoying your blog. Glimpses into a dominant mind.

  5. Master or not, any man who displays these traits would be worth his weight in gold.

    we often talk about giving our gift of submission to our Dominants. however, i think the ability to experience, learn, and grow under such tutelage is by far the greater gift.

    hugs, elle

  6. thank you for sharing this - it has certainly helped me to solidify my rambling needs.

  7. Nice to see someone else who blogs and believe in high standards in the valley.

  8. I absolutely adore this post. It is absolutely beautiful, telling, informative, straightforward and poetic. And, I love your blog. I have a lot of reading to do to catch up!! xo~Sadie

  9. I had read the part about Masters/Dominants before, but had not read the submissive portion. I think that is a necessary part to understand the entire relationship. Thank you so much for posting both of these. Reading the first part was a nice reminder for me. :)

  10. David, i didn't read this post of yours until after i reopened my blog and started fresh in my thinking using some of these very same guidelines. Something must be in the air :).


  11. Thank you so much for sharing this! I needed to read something like this today.