August 8, 2008

The Mark, and more?

People have asked about "the mark -- --" in the recent story. What does it mean, what was the purpose, including "I look forward to learning more with regards to the mark made upon her neck". and "I like the pen mark on the back of her neck, and I hope you address the significance of that.'

When I wrote the draft I made a margin note, Possession Taken. A declaration in the story, of his temporary ownership, and her willingness and compliance. The symbol used for the mark is Yin. "Yin represents the passive, receiving, recipient, malleable, matter, and is symbolized by the broken horizontal line, -- -- ." Online Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms

You can find no end of information on markings on the Internet, but coincidentally a fellow blogger recently made a post, being marked - which I think covers the more specific nature I am describing in a nutshell, although I think he finds some discomfort about the action, and the desire and motivations.

In the context of this story, it is the celebration of an on-going relationship, when they finally have their first face to face meeting. He memorializes that moment with a mark of possession. His possession is answered with her smile, [“Are you ready now?” she smiled slightly, and he knew.]

and more? for me, more is not two, more can be three, or more; but more is never two.


  1. I was hoping there'd be three. It's only fair.

  2. Sometimes, it's not just the physical mark left behind...

    There is always an emotional one...


  3. Thanks for the explanation as well as the link.

    I had recently posted about an incident I 'witnessed' where I made too many assumptions. I had assumed she was responding with sexual gratification due to the violence itself. Perhaps she really responded to the markings it left behind.

    This is something I have never experienced and don't think I will. But I'm glad to have a better understanding of it.

  4. I think "marking" is an instinctive, basic human instinct ... as simplistic in its way as "marking" territory for many animals (and that is not a negative comment) - but in essence, the dance between individuals usually results in one "claiming" the other and making that claim obvious to others through some physical "mark" -

    After all, a pen mark, a weal, a bite, they are all variations of a ring are thye not? Hell, when I was a kid it was a point of honour to get a hickey (nasty things LOL) - but having red and blue bruises all over your neck and shoulders meant you were "taken" that someone had found you and wanted you and "marked" you ... a sort of warning in its own way for others to "keep away" this one is taken.

    An engagement ring for gods' sake is a form of "mark" as are wedding rings! (oddly, I don't wear either - I actualy only wore my wedding ring for about three weeks) but I wear his silver "collar" (necklace) from the time we made our vows.

    When involved in a form of S/m and/or D/s (as neither are mutually exclusive and one can have one without the other) - physical marks are almost common sense; a solid and real reminder of "ownership" - of submission in truth - for bearing physical reminders of a session confirms the underlying connection of the individuals - he with the power and desire to inflict, she with the power and desire to allow ...

  5. forgot to add...hope story continues - really enjoying it!

  6. I really love the use of the mark :) I have one on my lower back, an ankh, heart, and ring intertwined symbolizing life, love, and loyalty. Sadly, I chose to put it there rather than Someone else choosing it for me. Those were things I wanted to offer my Owner (when I found one, LOL).

    Can't wait for the next one!