March 10, 2011

a naughty kiss, or two

I was telling you, I dreamed of a very naughty kiss
 about kneeling over you, on hands and knees
leaning down, covering your mouth
 teasing you to rise up for more
rocking to and fro on my knees
 (lots of tongue)

. . . dangling kisses

leaning forward, toward your forehead,
 enticing your head and lips to follow,
turning my head left, and then right, yours following
 then leaning back on my haunches, away from your mouth

sucking and nibbling on your breasts and nipples,
 taking them in my teeth and pulling back even further,

and then the dream spins off in two different directions,

turning you over, onto your stomach,
 your arms behind you, wrists crossed in the small of your back,
held in place by one of my hands, lifting them,
 bending at the elbows

the other hand guiding, and opening your cheeks,
 and slowly, deliberately taking you,
with my knees still positioned outside your thighs,
 keeping your cheeks, tight and snug,
and then putting my hand on the side of your head,
 pushing your face down into the pillows,
leaning forward again, mouth to your ear,
 breathing hot air, and hot words, through my fingers,

my feet hooked over the backs of your knees, providing leverage
 as I deliberately and steadily pound into you,
mouth to your ear, telling you, how much I love you,
 how much I love taking you, how much I love you under me, this way.

and then, another way,

to be saved for another time, another venue . . .
 a chance to tell you,
and watch you, how you react,
 see you, hear you . . .