March 25, 2011

Humble Pie

Humiliation vs Humility

Given a circumstance in which you need to humble yourself; you can have two reactions, ego based denial, or self revealing acceptance.

Apologize for inconveniencing another/others, taking responsibility and having that conversation with the offended party. You often fear that they will think less of you, not trust or value you as they did before you screwed up, and that can cause you to avoid, or excuse, or deflect, or deny; or, you can stand up and say, yes I did it. Thank them for the opportunity to set it right and demonstrate you have learned a lesson; which will raise your value and integrity in their eyes immensely, and within yourself as well.


  1. What about when they insist they screw up and you don't want to accept it?

  2. I understand what you mean mouse, this particular thought process stems from the discomfort of having made a huge scheduling error that inconvenienced many people, and stepping up to it.

  3. Oh mouse understands Sir. Was just speaking very general terms.