February 25, 2011

Forced Green - Friday Flash Fiction

Source the internet, title and creator unknown.
Her hair was done in a soft copper tone, page-boy cut, her body was covered in green paint, applied by hand. The application clearly had aroused her. Her swollen breasts, hard tipped nipples and ragged breathing were testament to that. Confusing the scent of her arousal was the overwhelming sweetness of the bird of paradise blossom.

Leaning against her, my mouth to her ear, I buried my hand into her hair, gripping tight. Pushing her head forward and down, her hair flowed around her face and over her forehead, obscuring her face.

I placed the dildo between her thighs, it’s bulbous head hard against her lips, and moved her hand onto it’s base.

In rasping whisper, “Push in, fight it! Exercises your muscles, clench, resist, reject that big green monster.”

She breathed deeply and exclaimed, “Oh God!”

“Resist, push, use the strength of your muscles, block it.”

“I want it, please!”

“No! Test your will and strength. Push back, clench!”

She gasped, “I can’t,” as frustration grew in her.

“Try harder, flex! Keep it out!”

“I can’t stop it.”

“Push! Yes, you can.”

She screamed, “Stop, please!” her body shaking, convulsing, weeping tears.

“There, now you’re ready for your show.”

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 Your challenge this Friday, 02-25-2011, is to use the picture above to write a flash fiction 
of exactly 200 words and use the phrase in your writing:  "...[A FEELING] grew in her..."


  1. Wow, that is some pre-show warm-up! The body paint reminded me of Sports Illustrated's body paint bikinis but I like the direction you took it.

  2. Oh My! That was umm... yeah. Beautiful. I think this is my favorite this week. A totally different take from the rest of us and well done.

  3. Thank you, when I saw the picture with the left hand position and the slouched posture, a game I have played called "forcing big red" immediately game to mind.

    I noticed many took off on a cross species kind of theme. Those who did or enjoyed reading them, might also find this interesting:
    Tentacle Dreams

  4. I think you need to fill us in some more on this game of yours ;) This was wonderfully visceral; I felt it rather than thinking it, and that's not something to sneeze at. Definitely left me wanting more.

  5. OMG! Loved this! I'm with Lexi: I want to know more about your "forcing big red". ;-)

  6. I'm sorta partial to green girls...

    great scene you set here.

  7. Thank you mouse, and Lexi/Sweets, I am thinking you can probably easily imagine more about the game. Yes, gg, as one of the other FFF participants said, it isn't easy being green.

  8. I'll have what she's having...please ;-)