February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I remember when I was a boy, in elementary school, on Valentine's Day, the teacher would hand out cards to everyone, perhaps one or two each. They had simple little colorful drawings on them, of boys and girls, and hearts and cupid, et al. They were plain light card stock, not even fold over cards, and little small envelopes, barely 2 or 3 inches square. With nervous laughter and tittering, we would look around conspiratorially, and write Susie or Sally on the little envelope, and put our name at the bottom of the card. Then she would collect the envelopes from everyone in a big basket. Later she would spread them all on her desk up in front of the room, and call recess, and we would all gather and look for our names.

We would collect our little love messages, go out and read them, and smile, and peek, and look around, and perhaps even be so bold as to approach our secret admirers and say those magical words:

Will you be my valentine?

It was all so simple and sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


  1. Hi David:
    Happy Valentines Day to you.
    I remember those sweet little cards, and we used to do something very similar in school. My mom used to by me a package so that I could give each child a card in my class.
    The innocence of our youth, is something to treasure I think.
    I am really enjoying your stories.
    Take care

  2. I love those cards - in elementary school my kids would have to bring in cards for everyone in the class...of course some parents had to outshine everyone else and make elaborate cards with candy attached...but the nice thing is everyone got something. It was sweet. Have a great day.

  3. I actually remember this time with a bit of a cringe. I didn't get as many Valentines as Susie or Sally, one time not getting any. I was glad when they did the thing where everyone gives them. Then when I was older I would get a special one on occasion from a boy who really liked me.

    But every Valentine's Day was indeed special. My mother always did something special and unique for each of us. And I knew I was very much loved.

    Now I view the holiday through the excitement of my children. I have repeated my mother's tradition. And the special Valentines they give me let me know again how much I am loved.

    Happy Valentine's Day, David!

  4. I remember both making those little cards when I was in school, and helping the children make them when I worked in a nursery school. Both lovely memories, thank you for reviving them.

    Happy Valentines Day

    love and hugs xxx

  5. Like Kyra, I am also enjoying this (and all) special occasions through my child's eyes nowadays. My son is only 9, and still way more interested in the candy than the valentines that come with it, thank god. It makes me smile. Remembering my childhood as one of the not-so-popular girls, Valentine's Day did not always bring what I hoped it would, but I do remember the simplicity of those cute little cards.

    Take care

  6. Yes, I miss those sweet, innocent days.....there were only 8 brands of shampoo back then, not 50 to choose from....hockey games were more about the game than the blood....air travel was actually fun, not endlessly trying....you could take a picture of a child in a playground without having to worry about being arrested for being a pervert....

    God, I sound like my Grandmother.

  7. funny...this year my aunt sent my kids and i those little valentines we used as children. i found it quite endearing.

    my tween daughter also received her first 'real' valentines day gift from a boy. i had asked if she wanted to get him something also and she scoffed. lol she did however, write him a very nice thank you note without any prompting from me.

    hugs, elle

  8. Oh, I miss those cute days of spending the short recess break with a valentine in the cafeteria - believing that it was a real date. Then there were the horrid years of not even receiving one card. Or better yet, writing myself one to bring home to show off to my family. Hmmm, maybe I will send myself flowers :)

    Thanks for sparking the memories :)

  9. Ahh, you are such a sweetheart! You know, it makes me look even more forward to August. ;)