July 4, 2008

Hand Controls

'What? you think you're some kind of Jedi? Waving your hand around like that?' ~ Watto to Qui-Gon, The Phantom Menace

It was a very busy Saturday night and I was sitting at the final seat at the blackjack table, another man next to me and then seat 4 was empty, the barstool like seat pushed up against the rail, and the other 3 seats were occupied as well. The pit area at the Suncoast casino was busy; there was nearly a row of people behind the players watching the action. It was jovial night, everyone was having a good time, the cards were generally going the player’s way, and everyone was up a little bit.

As we played I began to notice the man next to me kept looking to his right, not paying the attention he had been, seeming distracted. I also noticed that the blackjack dealer seemed to have his attention drawn as well. After a few minutes, I leaned forward to see what was distracting them so. A player had stepped up to the vacant seat and placed chips on the edge of the table, waiting to get into the next round of play.

Standing behind the vacant fourth seat was a quite attractive, fairly tall Asian girl, typical long straight black hair and pretty oval eyes. Then I noticed what had been distracting the other men (and now me) at the table. This attractive 20-something girl was wearing a short black flip skirt and a cream colored button up V-neck sweater, unbuttoned nearly down to her navel. The edges of the sweater were taut, just barely covered the nipples on her small conical breasts. Like many Asian girls she had very small breasts, probably barely A cups, and seemed to be fidgety about the way the sweater barely covered them.

She held a drink in her left hand and played cards with her right, and between hands she would fuss with the edges of the sweater, alternately covering more of her breasts and then moving it back to where it just barely covered her nipples again, all done in a nervous sort of way.

As I alternated between watching and leering, I noticed she would glance back over her left shoulder frequently, as if she might be expecting someone to come walking up at any minute. I looked around a couple times and finally notice a nice looking late 30s man standing about 10 feet back from the table, leaning against the end of a bank of slot machines. He was nicely dressed in slacks and a polo shirt, and was watching the girl, very intently, with no expression on his face.

Just about then the girl adjusted the right edge of the sweater so that it was now lying outside of her right breast, so that it was completely uncovered. It was quite a sight in a crowded casino, a lovely girl with bare breast showing in the midst of crowd. I looked back at the man and notice he was making a hand gesture, waving it slightly to the right, indicating the same direction she had moved the sweater. As I watched him he then moved his hand in a pushing forward manner and the girl moved in closer to the table and leaned forward, making herself even more visible to the people on either side of her. Over the half-hour or so, she moved the sweater edge off of and back on and then off again from her breasts probably a half dozen times, mostly leaving them and her erase-like nipples open and exposed, responding to the gestures of the man behind her.

Every time he would give her another gesture, she would grimace slightly but comply. Her gaze was always on the man, or the cards in front of her, but never to one side or the other, acutely aware that she was being watched, the blackjack dealer directly in front of her and also some half dozen people on either side of her. People would come and go, not sure of what they were seeing, or leave out of embarrassment, except for those of us engaged in the game, sitting at the table, caught up in the play.

I am fairly confident that I am the only one who saw the man and his hand signals, and understood the control being exerted over her. Clearly she was acting as directed within a previously scripted scenario. She was embarrassed in that very shy, demure and quiet way that Asian girls can react, but was obviously enjoying the control and exhibition as evidenced by her skin flushing and arousal. Then as quietly and unobtrusively as she had arrived, with a come hither gesture, she turned and walked away, placed her hand on his arm and they walked off into the crowd.

It was a very interesting convergence of domination/control, exhibition and voyeurism, if only for a fleeting few minutes.


  1. A beautiful thing to watch.

  2. The question is...how was she doing with the game?

    MJ uses hand signals in public..for reason of not offending the vanillas in our life (and probably to test my level of observation and attentiveness!) He saves his exhibitionistic impulses for His blog..luckily for me..i am not into humiliation and am always "shy" in public!

  3. grins..what I got out of this was THANK god some men don't mind small breasts - being boobily-challenged myself LOL ... sounds like a wonderful scene - I am appreciative of your observation that, although nervous, the woman seemed to find the commands provocative herself.

  4. What an extremely sensual and arousing scene to have witnessed.

    I do not really believe in such ostentatious types of public play as it "intrudes" upon other people.....mind you, I don't think you or the other men at the table minded, but you know what I mean. By causing a scene they are pushing themselves into other people's space and I don't think that is right.

    But all that aside, the control that she afforded to him, is very erotic.

  5. Master uses hand signals with me all the time. It's Her preference. She points, getures, or snaps her fingers when it comes to getting my attention. She thinks it is easier than having to tell me what to do aloud, She says. and of course, in the company of those unaware. That must have been quite a sight!

  6. I wonder....did the lady clean up at the table because the other players were otherwise distracted? ;)

  7. Not a Lady surely?

    DS - What joy's your powers of observation bring you. And then what pleasure you give us.

  8. Steph - indeed it was

    s/nik - she did well at the game

    silkie - probably more that you know, one word - nipples

    charli - it was very sensual, inappropriate for public, but that was likely part of the fascination for them/us

    slave girl - indeed it was, I suspect signaling is more prevalent than many would think

    shelly - blackjack is a game between each player and the dealer/house, not between players

    doll - not a Lady, but a very pleasant girl

  9. Like charli, I do not believe in pushing play so blatantly into the vanilla realm. IMO, this would be just as bad as someone forcing me to listen to their religious and political beliefs.

    to doll – I found your “not a Lady surely” comment odd. Would you care to explain what you meant by it?

  10. Fascinating interplay.

  11. Elle,

    she was too young and not in charge. Not haughty but naughty.

  12. Speaking for myself, I knew I was submissive when I was but 8-9 years old. I didn't know what it was called at the time of course, but I knew how I felt. So, IMO a woman in her 20's, the age of legal consent, is not too young to be and/or know she's a submissive.

    In addition, while I don't agree with the nature of play, I would not automatically assume that she was something less than a "Lady" when the only glimpse of her overall character is what we've read in David's post.

  13. Elle,

    if we can agree that a Lady is the corollary of a Gentleman then lets turn the scene around. It a man came up to the table provocatively dressed and proceeded to fondle his balls would you consider him a gentleman?

  14. I think Vegas is the perfect place for such a site. I love the City. I've seen a man in heels walked by his woman partner. I've seen two men proudly showing off their hired entertainment. It's the place if you're going to be bold.

    If you don't want to watch in that oh so sinful of Cities, stay home. That said, I don't think it's normal fare for most places on Earth.

    I wish I'd been there.


  15. marianne - it was indeed wonderful interplay

    aoefe - yes Vegas is a wonderful place for such things, although as wild and out there as it appears, that kinkiness is largely superficial. I have lived here for ten years and there are no viable fetish clubs or BDSM clubs.

    I wish you'd been here too.

  16. Your blog is amazing - thank you for contacting me on the fet life forum (His_babydoll). So did this event with hand signals and the Asian girl actually happen or it this fantasy? Have you done hand signals with a sub before? Seems it would appeal to you, since you enjoy providing humiliation, etc =)