February 6, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I came across a list of favorites at the Thinking Dominant Blog, suggesting you define your favorite activities in the context of what you like best in a D/s relationship. I found that type of information might well energize a discussion going with others, as we are often asked what we like or don't like. Thanks for providing a handy reference.

Addedum: The Thinking Dominant Blog has been incorporated into the Iron Gate website and the article is gone.


  1. A simple list might be appropriate for initial contact but if it forms the basis for a relationship then discovering new pleasures may never happen.

    I know some of my dominants preferences for dressing but it is only by trying something new and watching his response that my knowledge grows. It adds a degree of suspense for me and presumably a interesting surprise for him on those days i do this.

  2. The intent is to lay out the slightest pencil sketch, to be filled in and colored in later.

    But it provides a simple basic shape that can be filled in as you say as familiarity and intimacy develop.

  3. I would love to see your list if you still have it. I love to color.