December 17, 2007

The Submissive Wife Project

I ran across an interesting website while browsing around and wonder if anyone has any experience with or knowledge of it? I know from limited reading that it is not a public forum and is passionate about guarding the privacy and content. You can start at their CommunityBlog which then has links to the rest of their public content.

It seems an interesting premise and I am curious if anyone knows or is involved?


  1. David,
    i looked at this and was able to find my way into their public forums. There was some interesting material there and i will revisit it after the holidays. A slave's work is never done!!

    Thank you for linking O/our blog. Master added your page to O/our community list. i would be interested in any feedback you might have after you read the blog.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I too found much interesting reading behind the front page of the Submissive Wife Project.

    So much, in fact, that I registered and explained my wish to become part of the project.

    My e-mail and registration was never answered.

    This does not change my opinion of the project. It only changes my incentive to be a part of it.

    Happy Holidays,

  3. i stumbled onto that site before, but i always wondered if anyone would get back to me. looks like maybe not, according to kristin. i did think that their premise was interesting. if anyone (kristin) has any luck with getting in touch with them, i'd love to know.

  4. David,

    DL's toy deleted her blog...seems we have another vacuum..she sent mail saying she will return..but not with DL any longer..nothing is constant but change...Best Wishes for the New Year!


  5. s/nik,

    Being only three weeks into this blogspace realm, I am curious, is this disappearance and potential rebirth a fairly common event? Obviously relationships come and go, but one can imagine that being a "married man's toy" can be a transient thing?

    I know that bdsm relationships can have very deep bonds but are so often subject to the same vagaries as any other.

    Happy holidays to you and yours as well, and to all those passing through.


  6. i was a monitored member of the Submissive Wife Project. They keep the membership numbers low, so unless someone leaves, they will not add more.
    i found some of the aspects helpful and others damaging to my marriage. If you want more info, email me...


  7. Hello David...

    i just ran across your blog, and just wanted to say hello.

    In regards to your question about the disappearance and rebirth being a common thing, i have been blogging since July, and have seen just a few come and go. Unfortunately, i have not seen them return after they leave (i am only speaking from my experiences though). The submissive/slave community that is formed through blogging, while electronically,
    DOES exist, and sadness is felt when we lose 'one of our own'.

    i am interested to see if Toy does resurface, and have sent her emails letting her know she is being thought about.

    Look forward to reading more of your blog...


  8. David,

    people get burnt out with blogging, especially with such intimate stuff. They take breaks - sometimes for months and sometimes for years but yes they do return when then are ready.

  9. i looked into this site about 18 months ago when i had just moved back in with my husband (i hoped at the time that there was a hidden dominant in there). i was desperate to submit and thought that maybe this site would be an avenue towards introducing and discussing the concept of submission. i didn't pursue it. It seemed legalistic for want of a better term and that threw me off. i guess i didn't want submissive stranger-ladies telling me what to do. ;-)

  10. yes,

    i know that website very well. i've been a part of it for years. And, as some have said, it's not for everyone, but i feel those who judge it too harshly do not understand just how helpful it is to some of us.

    No, there are no dominants or men allowed on the site -- as it isn't a meeting ground for a potential partner. it's more of a safe community, where the women who are there can bare their souls, seek advice, and learn.

    it's nothing more than that. On the community forums (because the project is bigger than the online place), no one who joins is told that they MUST believe any or even all of the things that the project describes. Yet, the avenue is available if a woman wishes to embrace this route.

    Contrary to the name "Submissive Wife", one does not have to be married to join. There a lots of unmarried women on the community site and some that are part of the project.

    We do take privacy very seriously -- so i would never post anything from the site itself here.

    i guess it is our safeguarding of identity and conversations and our opition of monitoring that makes it sound appealing or uber-mysterious....but in reality, its a fair bit normal.

    the aspect of monitoring isn't even seen as helpful in most cases. And, from experience, i will say that it can be wonderful and show a person a lot of themselves, but it isn't really helpful if you already have a Dom.

    Otherwise, the site just offers a supportive group of submissive women for other submissive women.

    i hope this answers some questions -- and sorry that i cannot answer all of them without revealing private info.