December 6, 2007

Everyone Has to Start Somewhere, Here is for Me

I had followed the blog of the English Gentleman, Roper, for quite some time and while I did not agree with some of his views, I find myself to be generally of the same ilk. Most of the dominant writings you find seem to focus on heavy, S&M, slave relations, and that was why Roper always appealed to my more sensuality based, broad range control style.

Other that the obvious loss of Roper's content, one of the valuable things lost were the wonderful links to other blogs he displayed. I have found some of the links by googling "english gentleman roper blog" which led me to littlegirlyone and her lament about his disappearance. From her I have collected a few of the good ones he had listed also, and will be adding more.

For now this will be a repository for links rediscovered, and read and appreciated. I have roamed the AOL online community for almost 13 years and confess I am new to this Blogger community, but like very much what I have seen so far.

Thank you all.


  1. well, welcome. i followed you here from lg's blog... she is a beautiful writer and it makes me smile to read how you were inspired by her.

    i agree that "heavy SM" can be difficult to relate to at times. but there are a LOT of people out here who are looking for a more tender and emotional version of dominance and submission.

    i hope that you are able to use the blog to tell us about your own tastes and desires in this world. it's always wonderful to have a new thoughtful voice on the scene.

  2. thank you for stepping into the void. the relative percentage of blogs by doms in the D/s universe is pretty small, and more perspective on the other half of the partnership is very welcome. to quote roper himself: “Doms are likely to be an uptight, close-lipped breed, whereas subs are known to emote.”

    i stumbled on the English Gentleman's blog as what started as a diverting anonymous exchange of erotic e-mails was swiftly becoming an intense D/s relationship - and possibly a real-life serious love affair. it was all very new to me, and i was obssessed with knowing what drives a dom. i learned a lot from roper's words, and received comfort and support from the occasional e-mails we exchanged.

    i loved his rather dispassionate essays, and the dryness of the tone of his stories. i cut-and-pasted sections of his pieces into a document i used for reference, a wise move considering his recent "retirement."

    my favorite posts were the ones that inspired long comments that developed into extended philosophical discussions about bdsm. i hope you'll provide us with a new home for an exchange of ideas, as well as some titillation.

    speaking of other blogs, one of roper's early messages suggested some submissive blogs to give me a little context for what i was going through. they were a big help.

    so thanks again, and i'm looking forward to learning more about your take on this strange and satisfying obsession your potential readers share.

  3. i just have to add my belated welcome to the little community you've found here with us. i am always interested in getting to know new people, and already feel very fortunate to have received some of your insightful and very interesting feedback.

    and, thank you for the link. i'm awfully flattered :) i'm looking forward to reading more from you.


  4. Oh, I too lament the loss of the English Gentleman.

    I am very happy to have found you through Persephone's site and I commend you for trying to piece the treasure jar back together that was lost on his untimely demise.

    I think you'll find this link to the wayback machine extremely helpful in your gallant endeavour:*/

    Sincerely yours,

  5. That would be:*/
    then add
    after the last slash.

    I don't know how to make a working link here or anywhere :-)

  6. Thanks to the suggestions and efforts of Kristin I was able to find and capture the Things I Read from the English Gentleman's blog. I hope your favorite links are there.

  7. I add My welcome as well to a new male Dom voice in our corner of the blogging world.

    I am always looking for new things to learn and to incorperate into my dealings with Myne own submissive. I tend to be fairly lighthanded Myself, but that is also because of the specific goals and behaviors of Myne own special petand I have in our relationship.

    persephone mentions those that are certainly those that inclined towards the more "tender and emotional version of dominance and submission." My Paladin and I tend to be more of that particular ilk ourselves, but I certainly keep an open mind and am always on the lookout for what I can learn and tailor to fit our particular relationship and needs.

    I'll look forward to reading what you have to share.

    Again.. welcome...
    and best to you,

  8. David,
    Thank you for picking up the gauntlet and welcome to the blogosphere!

    i certainly focus on the mental aspect of M/s with a dash of spice when directed or it seems appropriate to my subject. i truly look at blogging as an opportunity to examine my thoughts about life and how slavery works within daily interaction. Discovering my "True Nature" if you will.

    i look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Welcome to the community! i hope you will add your Dominant voice to the conversation.

  10. Roper and I did not agree much - but having come back from an absence, I was unhappy to see that his blog is gone - differences are always good and a lost voice is regrettable. What happened?


  11. I had been reading Roper's blog through an RSS feed, which I have now delete unfortunately. His final entry was an apology and fond farewell to his many "fans and readers". He indicated in that posting that he felt that his true identity may have been exposed. I understand from reading him for the better part of two years that that was something he held very dear and close for the anonymity of himself, his family, and the safety and privacy of those he interacted with IRL.

    Like others, I can only say he will be sorely missed. It is not often that us dominants speak out so publicly, and none I have come across approached his eloquence and straightforwardness.

  12. Oh I loved his blog and still really miss it.