October 14, 2011

Pranayam - Flash Fiction Friday

(Source image: "Framed"
by Marcus J Ranum)
She slowly pushed her chair back from the desk where she had been quietly reading her email. As she clicked the program closed she muttered, “Crap.”

 She got up from the desk, moved her yoga mat to the middle of the room and began undressing. She got down on the mat and assumed the kneeling position. She started doing her breathing exercises to clear her mind, humming softly, uttering a barely audible recitation of her mantra.

 This was typically her pre-sex relaxation routine, to center herself and release tension. I was perplexed and confused, and asked, “What?”

 Looking back over her shoulder, stretching, eyes down, she said solemnly, "I Lost The Game".

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Your challenge is to use the supplied picture and write a flash fiction of 80-112 words. Rather than use a word prompt this week, I would like you to include the emotion of "calm" somewhere in your piece.


  1. Whew...for a moment I thought she might have been playing scrabble.

  2. Great take on FFF, exudes the calm required.

  3. It is the calm before the rigours ahead... I like it!

  4. This is the first time I'm learning about The Game. If I ever play it and lose, I'll do what she does. ;-)

  5. Yes, the calm, and that was the hook into The Game, which I just became aware of as I wrote this post. I opened a FetLife posting named something like, "Is Anyone Playing?" and it was a Game Gotcha. The notion of clearing your mind of the Game and creating calm formed a kind of nexus and my imagination was off and running.

    If you ever do Sweets, be sure and let us (me) know.