September 11, 2010

There Are No Words . . .


  1. It's hard to believe it's been 9 years.



  2. Doesn't feel like 9...

  3. Like so many others, I can remember the EXACT moment I heard, then saw...I remember what I was doing, who was with me and so many other details. I don't remember THAT much about what I did just yesterday.

  4. Yes, I remember reading that headline, and it struck me as perfect. There weren't any.


  5. I've been doing my best not to let myself fully connect with this anniversary. I've built a wall around the wound. But the scars are still there. Everywhere. And the world is not the same.

  6. Thank you all for your comments.
    Why aren't there words?
    There are no words to explain or rationalize what happened.
    There are no words to say that have not already been over said.
    There is only the ongoing disbelief and inability to comprehend.
    And yes, tears.

  7. I still can remember that day as if it was only yesterday. Couldn't take our eyes of the TV, couldn't speak, couldn't believe it was happening.

    There are no words.


  8. Your opening title, to your comment David, and all the other voices here...perfectly said.

    nine years and still i am haunted. This is a dichotomy of a day for me, as my wife and i were sitting at our dining room table, having the first step of our home inspection for adopting our son. We'd identifed him through a tv program, and were excited and happy and nervous about taking this first "big" step after spending several months getting our home ready for this event.

    And then the Event that changed us all occurred.

    Our son has been with us for nearly 9 years, now, but this is indeed a day of mixed emotions here.

    Thank you for this quiet, thoughtful post.


  9. This day has impacted my life like no other day could. Bringing my children into the world does not stand out like Sept 11 and the avalanche it caused.
    To the other soldiers who sacrificed so much, I wish they could feel the strength of all the feelings detailed here, it would make them smile as it has me.