June 25, 2010

The Key to Making a Successful Blog

I started this blog with the stated purpose of collecting a bunch of links that had been lost with the disappearance of another blog. I wasn't sure what I was going to write about, but I had some experiences and opinions that I thought might be worth sharing. I quickly began building a relationship with some of my readers. But part of that relationship was making posts good so that people would want to read them, and would come back. Then I took a shot at writing a story, an enhanced description of a first meeting, knowing it would be less but wanting to convey the desire, and energy, and anticipation, the affection. And, so, now, 2-1/2 years later, I am curious, what brings you here, and brings you back? So, for fun, please take a couple minutes and complete the poll over there in the right margin. Leave a comment if you would, just ticking a box or two is too easy, speak up! But, most of all, thank you so much for coming back, again and again, for whatever reasons you do.
cartoon from xkcd.com
Poll results = blog list - 10%; wisdom - 35%; stories - 40%, recordings - 5%; cmnf pictures - 10%


  1. I read this blog because I like the stories. They are very intriguing and I always leave me wanting more. I also like this blog because I like to read another Dominant's perspective on things. So keep on doing what are you doing because it seems to be working.

    And thank you again for sharing with us.

  2. I love a blog that has a little bit of everything. I love to get to know who is writing, about their life, and what's on their mind.

    Have a great weekend,

  3. hi, i love this blog and really enjoying reading all the posts - except for the stories. Sorry but i just don't enjoy BDSM fiction and never read it when i see it pop up in my feeds. But everything else is great :)


  4. i read because i know you and i want to stay up-to-date on what you're doing. i always find your opinions interesting, and i find your writing style to be cogent and grounded. i remember when you started this blog and i'm thrilled to have been a loyal reader right from the start!!

  5. Your writing is honest and well thought-out. I respect what you have to say and I enjoy hearing a dominant's point of view. Everyone's dynamic and journey is different, but you understand that and respect it, while sharing your own opinion and experience.

  6. I think that what makes a good blog is good variety. Wisdom, stories, humour, a little bit of yourself shared with your readers.


  7. I agree with Hermione... I think it's variety that keeps people coming back. Not necessarily a variety of topics, but a variety of ways of sharing about a topic that you like. That's what makes yours so good. You can be serious about something in one post and then entertaining with a lighthearted story in the next.

    I think honesty is another thing... being honest about who you are instead of trying to be something that you're not. That's something I definitely appreciate in all the blogs I read regardless of the content.



  8. I starting reading blogs about D/s and such so that I wouldn't feel alone. I have a high profile career and am known as a n etremely conservative and well behaved. Two years ago I found out it was ok to be the inside me --- with someone else. We both enjoy it. I am free and we are still together. But I need this and other blogs, not because they are wrong or rightor exciting but because sometimes I will read a word or sentence reflects me as well.
    Thank you. ..janinearda

  9. Thank you each and all for taking the time to stop and offer your comments and thoughts, they are appreciated and humble me. I do indeed try to mix up the styles and mechanisms of deliver.

    One of the methods is recordings/readings, and in retrospect I notice that there is only one here, although I have done others, now realizing that they were made and presented for individual consumption, and did not get posted here, oops.

    And I certainly respect libby's opinion about BDSM fiction. But I have found that describing the interactions between a dominant and submissive is easier, and often, more effective than pontificating in an essay.

    So, thanks again for coming here, and coming back, again and again.

  10. Well, I began reading you because you were reading me, and left me a comment ... I've continued reading you for the simple reason that you sound like someone I'd get along with -- something of a rarity in blogland.

    (new link through my name for where stone becomes water -- sorry! I think I'm done rewiring, now)

  11. I love your stories! I am always curious about the thoughts of a smart male dominant -- and you certainly qualify there.
    Thanks for keeping the blog.

  12. ellie, nancy,
    Fine words and sentiments to carry into the weekend, likable and smart, thank you both.

  13. i think the first thing i read here was not a story, just you, David, musing in that way you have. I've still not finished wending my way through your archives...but every time i get a chance, i do so.

    I read here because i find your perspective, your "view from the Top" to be insightful. it gives a lovely sense of perspective. I started reading here *before* i understood i was a subbie, and before i started my own blog.

    I kept returning for those random thoughts and found a story in your sidebar. Ohh. It was lovely, suggestive without being overly descriptive, letting the reader craft the picture in her/his head. I loved the style, and oiften have emulated (or tried to) in my own writing.

    You're smart. Serious. Funny, informative, and just genuinely a nice guy.

    nice really matters.


  14. Thanks, nilla, I am blushing just a little. I have always worked to craft my stories with a lot of detail to create believability, as well as infer some things rather than specifically name them. I am happy to know it works.

  15. Aah! Finally! Someone else into XKCD!

    ....Umm, sorry for intruding, just thought I'd introduce myself and compliment your choice of visuals and your awesome writing. Hi! I'm Cosette, and I really like your choice of visuals and your awesome writing!