December 6, 2009

deux ans - dos años - twee jaar - due anni - two years

(731 days -175,000 hours - over 1 million minutes)

I said this last year and it is twice as true now - I have gotten to know many new and interesting people. Too many have come and gone, but are not forgotten. Some have retired, others have found other direction in their lives. They will be missed, but I am better for having known them, and shared a small slice of life. However, so many more are still here and I look forward each day to hearing what they, what you, have to say, it nurtures and sustains me, thank you all, so very very much.

A catalogue of visitors from quite literally all around the globe, and last year I was amazed by a counter of over 20,000 visits, and that number is now over 55,000 and it boggles my mind.

I have received wonderful and supportive feedback from so many people. I have written less this year than I did the first, considerably more fictionalized encounters, story lines continued beyond First Meeting, to the One Day Visit story line and the whole Consensual Stalker BS series. I had never tried that style of writing before, and frankly I continue to be humbled by the acceptance and response. I have particularly liked these stories because they have given me an opportunity to illustrate through words, rather than discussions of D/s concepts, how I view the connection between a Dominant and his submissive partner. I am also particularly pleased to have written other pieces including A New Master, Prolongation, What's In It For Me and Labels and Dogma.

I was speaking with a friend as I was writing this and she summed it up quite well, "And, what a lot of fun in those two years!"

Thank you all, thank you very much.


  1. Congrats on 2 years! I've been happy to read your thoughts and stories for almost that long.

    So, for a blog birthday it doesn't really seem appropriate to give you spankings. Perhaps I need to offer myself up for some?


  2. Ah yes, a line of proffered posteriors to help you celebrate!

    Thank you so much for being here. The dom and/or male perspective is always especially appreciated.


  3. congratulations on your anniversary! so glad that you're here in the blogosphere.

  4. Congratulations! What can we say... we love quality! KayLynn

  5. That is awesome that you have been doing this for two years. I love reading your work and hope to see a lot more of it!

  6. A very 'Happy Anniversary', David!

    I'm always impressed by your ability to express your thoughts about domination and submission through your stories and scenes.

    When one considers a play, the dialogue must be such that what one person says is related to what the other person said first. They bounce off one another. This idea is reflected in your writings - that domination and submission is a dance between two participants. If they are both giving what they should, it is an extraordinarily positive experience.

    I am very proud to call you my friend.


  7. wow, two years! that has to be a record for a dominant LOL - I continue to be perplexed why male doms find it so difficult to put "pen to paper" as it were - it is refreshing and wonderful that at least a few of you recognize that insight is always welcome from both perspectives!

  8. I joined the party later than others, but I appreciate the ideas, the perspective, and the stories that are here to be found. Happy anniversary.

  9. Congrats on the anniversary. Hope you'll be doing it for many more years.


  10. way to go David, we are all better of it for it not just you.

  11. Congratulations on your second blogaversary.

    Here's to many more!


  12. Thank you all very much, it has been my pleasure to entertain or inform, and it is you dear readers that make this so enjoyable for me.

  13. Gefeliciteerd David!

    i remember when you wrote WIIFM i discussed it with a friend. She told how good you felt about it and this made me very happy. i wish all the people in the lifestyle had the ability to appreciate the so many dimensions a (T)PE relationship can involve. And, i am very happy to say, in my case it has led to unconditional love...

    liefs, Clemmi

  14. I have been meaning to write to thank you. I found your blog about 1 year ago. In you, I recognized a man I had known 25 years ago, and had run from because I didn't understand who I was. I found him recently and am now happily owned.

    I would not have had the courage to look without your writings. Thank you again and please keep writing.

  15. Thank you Clemmi, WIIFM was a very special piece, written at the urging of a very special girl, I am so pleased it resonates with others as well.

    Anon, thank you very much, at the top of this form I say, ". . . your reactions, feelings, opinions, . . . enrich me" and wow, your story certainly does, and gave me goosebumps, thank you.

  16. A bit late to say congratulations.. but they are heartfelt!
    I've enjoyed every word so far.. and hope to continue to find enjoyment in the future.
    Thanks so much for sharing~

  17. I'm so lucky to have known you for most of this time. Congrats.