May 10, 2009

Mother's Day - 2009

For all of you out there, who day in and day out, offer the love, and care, and affection only a mother can to her children; please know, there are little boys in all of us, of all ages, that can never do or say enough to share back the love, and affection, and care you have, and do, provide to us.

Bless you all.

On this Mother's Day, I am reminded of a post that gave me a new insight on mothers. It is not specifically about Mother's Day, but it struck me in a profound way. I think it is a wonderful statement about what mothers mean to daughters, and their children in general.

Since I first read this, it has become increasingly meaningful to me.

She used to say, when she was quite little, that she and I were the same person. “I am you, mama,” she would say, tiny hands on my cheeks. When she was a little older she began to self-correct that statement: “well, I am – I am like you, mama.”

Now she laughs a bit, “Remember when I used to think I was you?” and she shrugs, as if embarrassed. “Of course, I know we’re not the same person, mama.”

Happy Mother's Day


  1. David:

    Thank you for this lovely post. Having both sons and daughters, I concur with your thoughts. I believe that there is the little boy in a man always. It is a case of tapping into it, sometimes, but it is certainly always there.

    And, a daughter is an extraordinary thing. Who made the card for the boys to write on, who bought the gift, who prepared the afternoon tea? She's a darling, and the man who gets her had better be worthy!

    Thank you for the lovely thoughts.

  2. What a beautiful picture and posting. I think a little child resides in each of us, no matter how old we become. There is something wonderful in being allowed to see the little boy in M, even though its a rare thing. To know someone trusts you enough to be that vulnerable is very special.

    love and hugs xxx

  3. I am shyly pleased to know that my words have so resonated with you. Thank you.

    As for me, I will follow on what you wrote by saying that inside each boy is the man he is to become. (I wrote a brief post touching on this, just this afternoon. Though I did not define it this way. I was writing quickly).

    ~ Ellie