January 2, 2009

One Day Visit - Breakfast

Continued from Gather/Contain
Reluctant and shy, she walked along at his side, mostly comfortable with his grip firmly on her wrist, but embarrassed by with the glances from passersby, as he led her up the stairs to the main doors to the hotel. He opened the first set of doors for her, and moved his hand to the small of her back to guide her through the doorway. She waited while he moved to open the second set of doors. Again he ushered her through, and she stopped to wait for him. He caught up with her, took hold of her again and they walked down the short flight of stairs to the main floor of the Gold Coast hotel/casino, toward the back to the restaurant. As the turned the corner, they were confronted by construction barriers and a sign, the restaurant was being remodeled.

He walked back to the bar and asked the bartender if there wasn't a place to have breakfast? The bartender said the restaurant was temporarily relocated to the other side of the casino. They walked across the open space, weaving their way through the various gaming tables and slot machines. They drew more curious glances from people who noticed how he held her and guided her along, as she seemed to walk a half step behind him, appearing to almost being pulled along, but not.

When they got to the restaurant and the hostess greeted them, he asked for the location of the ladies room. He turned to the girl and said, "I will wait here for you." He pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to her, a small satin bag. He took her purse, and she headed off in the indicated direction. The hostess started to leave but he said, "She will be right back, wait here with me", and made small talk about the construction as they waited. Momentarily she came back across the open space and he indicated to the hostess that they were ready to be seated, and placed his hand in the small of her back to guide her. As they walked, she handed him back the bag, empty.

Once seated, he placed her purse aside and the hostess offered her a menu, which he took hold of, with a surprised glance from the hostess. She offered the second menu to the girl and he said, "One is all we will need, thank you." The hostess glanced at the girl and she simply smiled back and said, "Thank you", and the hostess left. As he looked over the menu, the waitress arrived, and he ordered coffee for her, with cream and sugar, and orange juice for himself. He noticed the girl was fidgeting occasionally, and moving around, adjusting how she was sitting, but he could not hear the hum of the vibrator. "Low?" he asked, and she smiled sheepishly, and nodded her head.

When the drinks arrived, he asked, "How many sugars?" "Two," she answered. He challenged her, "I beg your pardon?" She replied, "Two Sir, two sugars please." "And cream?" he asked, "Yes, Thank you." He prepared her coffee, and set the spoon aside. As she took the cup of coffee, he reached across the table, opened her napkin for her and she placed it on her lap. They talked about what they were hungry for, and he found selections on the menu.

When the waitress arrived to take their orders, she said, "Oh, you don't have a menu." "She does not need one, thank you. She will have the fruit bowl, with yogurt and an English muffin, toasted, with butter." The waitress turned to her wanting to confirm the order, but the girl did not look up or respond. He spoke, and drew back the waitress's attention, "And I will have the same. Thank you, and more coffee please." The waitress glanced at her again, but then turned and left the table.

They made plans for the rest of the day while they waited for the food to arrive. At one point the busy boy brought a refill for the coffee, and then later he came again and freshened up their water glasses. She said she would like to see the old downtown area and then would like to get out away from the city at some point, and see some of the surrounding hills. He said they would head downtown after breakfast, and visit a couple of the old casinos. Then later drive out to Red Rock Park, which offered a wonderful view of the city, and was a beautiful place to see the stark contrasts of the desert landscape. Each time one of the wait people approached the table, she fell silent and cast her glance down toward her lap, shivering slightly. As they talked he reached across the table, gathered up her silverware, and set it aside.

The waitress brought the food, placed it in front of each of them, and asked if there would be anything else? She noticed the girl had no silverware and asked if there was a problem, he said, "Nothing is wrong, we are fine, thank you," and she left. The girl started to reach for her spoon, for the fruit salad and yogurt, and he quietly said, "No." He picked up the silverware and alternately offered her spoonfuls, which she leaned forward and ate. Between bites, when he was eating his own breakfast, she would sip on her coffee and eat the muffin. They ate in silence; as she finished each portion offered, and drank some coffee, he would give her more.

On a couple of occasions the waitress checked back to see how everything was, and would look at her with some bewilderment as they ate, but he assured her that everything was fine, exactly as it should be, and thanked her. When they finished eating, they finalized their plans for the rest of the day, and just enjoyed sitting and talking while the waitress settled the check. She seemed embarrassed at having been fed and was still nervous and slightly on edge. She appeared particularly uncomfortable when the waitress or busboy would stop by the table for something, and attempt to address her in some way.

When they were finished and about to get up and leave, he handed the empty satin bag back to her, and she left for the ladies room. When she returned, she stood at the end of the table, sat the bag down and said, "Sir?" He glanced at her, smiled, and returned the bag to his pocket. He finished his juice, got up, put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her deeply. He felt her stiffen and shake, then shudder, almost trembling, and he pulled back and gave her a concerned look. She smiled back at him, and said, "Oh yes, I am fine, thank you". He stared for a moment to be sure, then took hold of her arm and they walked out of the hotel and out to the car . . .


  1. Such calm control



  2. I can understand her unease. While being fed and cared for in and of itself would not disturb me, doing so under watchful eyes would. And I would find it difficult not to address the restaurant staff directly.

    But I am most curious about the contents of the bag and why whatever it was would only be used during breakfast.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Oh how hot.

    love it.

    Would love to be treated like that spoiled but not really. I love the way that he respects her.

  4. so what was in that damn bag!!! LOL.... I'm not sure if I could be that passive ...

  5. This made me smile -- in appreciation, recognition, and because it was a pleasant read.

    I disagree with Selkie, however: I do not feel that the woman in question was passive, at all. It seems quite clear, to me, that she is a fully active and interactive partner in this relationship.

  6. David,

    This story is delicious! All your stories are.

    I have to confess I limit my reading here because I come away feeling so needy; orgasm restriction's a bitch!

    *soft sigh, and a smile*


  7. David:

    Like the others, I am very curious as to the contents of the bag. Keeping the reader curious is a good strategy. Perhaps all will be revealed later.

    You did a lovely job of expressing his concern for her comfort whilst at the same time, pushing her to do things his way.


  8. another deliciously yummy episode, as usual...

    am waiting with baited breath for the next installment :)

  9. Thank you all very much, and to several of you, I apologize for being overly subtle.

    I did not explain the satin bags contents, and this was too subtle:
    He noticed the girl was fidgeting occasionally, and moving around, adjusting how she was sitting. "Low?" he asked, and she smiled sheepishly, and nodded her head.

    And if that connection was not made, then this was too subtle also:
    . . . put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her deeply. He felt her shake, then shudder, almost trembling, and he pulled back and gave her a concerned look. She smiled back at him, and said, "I am fine, thank you". He stared for a moment to be sure . . .

    And so, I have added a few words:

    moving around, adjusting how she was sitting, but he could not hear the hum of the vibrator. "Low?" he asked,

    And - -

    He felt her stiffen and shake, then shudder, almost trembling

  10. David

    it is wonderful to read more of your wonderful tales, it augers well for 2009.

    Happy New Year

  11. Hi David:
    An excellent installment to your story. I loved the fact that unbeknownst to her, He would feed her, and that she could not use any of the silverware. A very big turn-on. Ant the little vibrator in the bag before breakfast...a lovely touch.
    I really enjoy your writing. It's simple and complex simultaneously.
    Take Care,
    Andrades Girl

  12. Reading you always leaves me wanting... something.

  13. It's lovely to read your words again after my extended absence. The are tantalising as always.