March 25, 2008


A great many girls had some of their earliest sexual experiences at slumber parties and other all-girl gatherings, playing games such as Truth or Dare, or some variation of these adolescent sensual socialization games. I suspect that a lot of girls first discover their sense of submissiveness (or domme-ness) through these kissing and party games that girls play late into the night.

I have read about girls who recall themselves in those games, "always wanting to be the girl/bottom" or "how embarrassed I was having all the other girls watching me" or "they made me rub between my legs until I felt like I needed to pee", many other expressions of how they felt being exposed, or involved, or placed in an embarrassing or aroused situation. I don't think these early teen or even preteen experiences necessarily lead to, or foster, either lesbian or bisexual orientations in girls, but I think there are many, many girls who get their first taste of their submissive nature during one of these slumber party games, or afternoon parties. Their first taste of sensuality comes at the hand of their friends who are equally naive, or are more brave/brazen (domme?), and they learn how it feels to do someone else's bidding, to perform in a way that pleases someone else.

Many girls have their first experiences of masturbation, or mutual masturbation or even girl on girl sexual activity "forced on them" in one of these group activities. These games go by many names:

Truth or Dare
Truth, Dare or Torture (Australian); with torture being simply for more embarrassing dares.
Lies or Play it Safe
Truth Dare, Double Dare, Promise or Repeat
Truth, Dare, Situation, Stare (India)
Tell or Torture

For the submissive girls, they were strangely attracted to these new and forbidden/taboo sensations, they felt the attraction of the entire thing, the involvement of other girls, they liked being watched, watching, they were so excited about the whole thing, often privately, because they were too embarrassed or shy to make any overt moves. They are left to wonder, how do I fulfill these feelings.


  1. Wow! Interesting points brought up here. More stuff to ask you about in the future :).

  2. Thank you for posting on this topic. i think you're onto something.

    My early teen experiences were similar but were much more the role playing games than Truth or Dare types of games. We called them 'mo parties back in the late 60's.

    i was probably exposed to the "tell all or not" games but don't remember playing them. i probably would not have played them so i wouldn't expose myself as being so naive. And along with being so naive i had such powerful feelings of being "swept away" by the more dominant girls and i wouldn't have wanted to reveal that either.

    It was all so confusing that i did what many girls of my generation did (and they still might, i don't know) and that was to be the good girl by all appearances but so unable to say "no". So wanting to be "taken" by the controlling boys and rejecting the advances of the more passive/pleasing boys. i cannot overemphasize how CLUELESS i was and stayed that way until mid life and now i am not quite as clueless ;-).


  3. kitten,
    I gather you had some expierience in your teens?

    I looked for references to both 'mo parties (and only found motown references) and "tell all or not", and found nothing. These must have been regional variations? But your comment about "the more dominant girls" indicates a similarity.

  4. David,
    Today's culture is so much more open to sexual language and sexual variations than we were back in the day. We just didn't talk about sex.

    But in our little gang of girls, "mo" was short for "homo" which was about girls liking girls. i sure didn't grasp what being a lesbian was all about.

    Those "swept away" feelings i had remind me of being in subspace. Dreamy.

  5. LOL...late teens, but yes, brief experiences...:)