September 3, 2012


Holding her hands in mine, arms outstretched, I backed through the archway into the living room. She walked forward, following my progress toward the large overstuffed chair.

I sat down in the chair and positioned her on the ottoman facing me; and placed her hands on her knees. She sat calmly, seemingly comfortable with her nakedness.

I pulled her list from my shirt pocket and read it over. Then I read it out loud, watching her reactions.

I handed her the list, “Read the two immediate goals out loud.”

She did.

“Okay, let’s begin. Tell me about the first goal.”


  1. The lucky girl!
    Will you tell us more? I'd love to read further.
    If not, then I'll have to use my imagination..

  2. Way to leave us hanging! Do tell us more!

  3. I hope that ottoman is waterproof.