September 16, 2011

Gypsy Girl - Flash Fiction Friday

She was a hot blooded gypsy girl in a full skirt and peasant blouse, with an ample load of breasts and dark perky nipples.

Kissing her roughly, I walked her back against the counter. Working my knee in I spread her thighs open, kissing down her neck and shoulder. I could feel her damp heat on my leg as I laid her back onto the counter, wide open and panting in the heat of the moment.

Lifting her knees, her skirt slid up even further. I slipping down to my knees, hooking her legs over my shoulders. Pressing my mouth against her innermost thigh, I heard the mixed cries of ecstasy and anguish as I bit into her femoral artery and began to feed.

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The challenge for this Friday is to write a flash fiction of exactly 124 words, incorporating the required word, "load".


  1. Unexpected ending, and very erotic, Sir.

  2. What a tease, lol! You had me until the end.

  3. I loved all the rich description you packed into the 124 words limit. Awesome! Glad you played this week. Happy FFF!

  4. A delight, and a surprise.

    (waves hand in the air) I have a femoral artery.

  5. OH I loved the end!!!
    Great FFF!!!



  6. very sexy ending, I like a lot!!

  7. Oooh, that's quite the surprise ending! Wow! :-)

    Happy (belated) FFF!

  8. I like the ending, and the picture lured me in to clicking and reading :)