January 14, 2011

Jeans Girl - Friday Flash Fiction

(Source image: "Jeans Girl" by Reinfried Marass. Photo provided by Rozewolf.)
Becky arrived at the diner as the sun was setting. She went in, and I followed a few minutes later. I took a seat at the counter, giving me a perfect view of her in her booth. She smiled, I smiled, she blushed. She’d been my girl until last fall.

While eating her burger and fries, she repeatedly feed quarters into the old Wurlitzer, calling up soulful C/W tunes. She’d sashay across the floor, doing a little two step dance, sexy as hell, flirty as hell too.

When she finished eating, she waved good bye. I waited three minutes, and followed.

I came up behind her as she peered in wondering why the old beast wouldn't start. I wrapped my arms around her, cupping her breasts. I put my mouth against her ear and whispered in a deep gravel voice:

Wild thing, I think you move me
But I wanna know for sure
Come on, let me hold you tight
Come on, come on wild thing,
you make my heart sing.

I leaned forward against Becky’s back, bending her over the fender and reached around for her belt buckle. “Let’s give this relationship a good tuneup.” I tossed the rotor over the windshield into the front seat.

(Use the supplied photo and write a flash fiction of 153-208 words. incorporating the phrase, "...a good tuneup...")
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For my birthday I was given the album, The New Bye & Bye: Four New Songs Plus the Best Of the Train Wreck Years, by Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez. Driving to work I was listening to Wild Thing, which was written by Chip Taylor, and originally recorded in 1965 (a year before The Troggs). This rendition is particularly funky and guttural, and it invaded my thoughts as I was imagining the finishing touches of this story.
The album is a great collaboration and plays a lot like a jam session, very lightly produced. The whole album is a fine example of good ole Texas country music, check it out.


  1. now there's a man who didn't give up! nothing better than a chase in my books :) well done! Happy FFF

  2. Sabotage! You have to admire a man who knows exactly how to arrange things so he gets what he wants. I wonder how she felt about it. Looks like she felt pretty good.

    Thanks for joining in this week. Also appreciate your efforts at collecting names while I was gone!

    -- PB

  3. Nah...I think SHE's responsible for the sabotage.

  4. All relationships can use a good tune up from time to time. Even those from the past.

    Nice work with this.

  5. If a guy sabotaged my car just so he could feel me up in the parking lot I'd... probably stand there and enjoy it too ;) But I hope he knows how to undo the damage.

  6. Maybe I have a nun fetish, but the first thing I thought about after the punch line was the scene in "Sound of Music" where the nuns disabled the Nazi car's to help the Von Trapps escape.

    I like the story, and love the song. A nice mix this week.

  7. I loved the atmosphere you managed to capture here, with just the right choices of vocabulary to have me see that diner (you called it a cafe but I imagined it as a diner) and the very hungry diners within that diner, if you get my drift...

  8. I loved this! Perhaps my favorite take on this pic. The song was perfect too.

  9. another Masterful story, David! i loved it...the Troggs version was the first 'naughty' song i listened to as a teen, the very first song that shocked my mom that her 'little girl' was singing wildly in her bedroom in front of her mirror...

    just for that memory i'd applaud...but the story was simply wonderful as well!


  10. A great start for a wild tuned-up!