January 2, 2010

There You Are, Curled in a Ball

I have recently read a number of short stories by Monocle, from a collection of 100 erotic stories in an e-book, Nightmares and Visions: 100 Flashes of Dark Erotica. Most of his stories are written from the female perspective, I altered the gender from female to male, receiver to doer. From that recast wording I made the following recording.

Beware, this recording is NSFW and contains direct, harsh language, headphones would be good, close to your ears, as I whisper . . . I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Thank you kindly for the good words and the link!

    And I like the take on your rendition, as well.

    All the best in the new year! -M

  2. I absolutely adored hearing this again today! Will you be reading anything else? *hopeful*

  3. I loved it - thanks for the heads up :)

    Cnt wait to hear more from you tho ;)

  4. I didn't think that would turn me on. You continue to surprise me!

  5. Oh My.

    I lost the bet. screech.