July 3, 2009

Friday Fiction: Meal: Mango and Sticky Rice

Friday Fiction: Meal - - Write a brief bit of fiction involving a meal.

I would love to feed it to you, by hand, my hand; not yours, not permitted.
  1. Four portions for each mango slice, first bite the end off, chewed thirteen times, swallow.
  2. Then turned, and bite the other end off, chewed thirteen times again, and swallow, show me your mouth is clean.
  3. Break the remaining center in half and place one piece in your mouth, behind your lower teeth, chew and swallow.
  4. Use my fingers to mash/squish the final piece and let you take it off my fingers with your lips, and then clean the juice off my fingers, chew and swallow.
  5. Repeat 1. through 4. for a second slice.
  6. Pour a sip of water into the palm of my hand for you to drink.
  7. Use my fingers to wipe the corners of your mouth and across your lips.
  8. Then I scoop up a nice sized bite of sticky rice between my fingers and thumb, placing it in your mouth, wiping my fingers clean on your lower lip.
  9. Then a smaller bite of rice, on two fingers, placed behind your lower teeth, and your lips clean my fingers.
  10. Repeat 1. through 9. until full, or . . .
Inspiration compliments of The One-Minute Writer


  1. Oh my.. Sounds absolutely delightful!

    Happy 4th to you. =)

  2. I love being fed. The touch of fingers upon my lips, or just inside my mouth, make me tingle and shiver most deliciously. Touching my mouth brings erotic thoughts to my mind, and I can only hope that my thoughts will be heard, enjoyed and indulged later....

  3. That would be one lovely meal...yum! So delightfully written!


  4. I just about passed this post over, thinking it was some sort of recipe.

    I'm very glad I didn't. Hot.