November 12, 2008

Allowing Submissives to Vote

There is a web blog called "The Thinking Dominant, Growth Through Mental Exercise" that offers up thought provoking questions from time to time, I have come to think of them as sort of Dom-me-me's. In fact their About says, "Journal prompts and writing tasks for the Top's mind...because Dominants need help formulating their thoughts sometimes too...."
They recently asked about Voting.

Their entry was posted on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 at Noon and is filed under Relationships.

I am just getting around to responding because frankly, I initially thought it was a pretty silly question. But the more I thought about it, I decided to give it some attention, perhaps because while I am astonished by the question, if they are asking the question, then there might actually be people who thought this way. Or, perhaps that is part of what a Master/slave commitment might include? I would argue against such a defaulting.

Here are their questions, and my answers.
The right to vote, a privilege to everyone in the US. To those in a D/s relationship, it may have been gifted along with the submissive.

Will you be voting today?
Actually, I voted within two hours of the start of early voting here in Nevada, on October 20th.

Do you allow your submissive to vote?
In the context of this post/question, if I had "owned property" I would insist that she studied the issues, the candidates and participated in the process as an informed active voter. I think of voting much more as a duty for every citizen, not just a privilege, and my direction would be to exercise that duty or right.

Are they able to vote for themselves or do you tell them who to vote for?
I would provide my thinking as part of the study and understanding process; however, I would expect that she decide for herself. I suppose that choosing not to vote would be a possibility, but I would be insistent on a knowledgeable and informed decision. And would counsel vehemently for voting.

Why do you feel this is a sensitive topic amongst the community?
I did not realize it was a sensitive topic in the community but can imagine it might be if the perspective offered by even asking the question has any legs. I see my role as a dominant as providing for her betterment, and for me that is enhancing her abilities in intellectual matters, not substituting mine for hers.


  1. My Master's views align with yours. I didn't need encouragement or permission to vote. Master and I started discussing candidates months ago. I'm allowed to disagree, but he often proves me wrong. He's much more interested in and knowledgeable about politics than I, so I took his advice into consideration when I made my decision. Master joked that if I was going to vote against his candidate in a state where the race was closer, he'd make me switch, but as far as I can tell, that was never more than a joke.

  2. I find it astonishing that within Dom/sub relationship anyone should question the right of any adult to cast their vote for themselves.

    From what I gather many subs are highly respected business women/men in their own rights outside of the Dom/sub situation so why would anyone think that these same women or men are not capable of making their own decisions regarding voting for whom ever they deem to be the most suitable candidate.

  3. I admit that just the thought that this is a topic in D/s is a huge turn off for me.

    And I'm pleased that you would never consider restricting anyone from voting.

    I cannot imagine anyone needing to give me permission to vote. As for the guidance... well, I would love to have dialogue with anyone who might offer some perspectives on voting. But I would not consider that mentoring as much as mutual education. I would assume I had as much to offer to someone else's education as anyone else would offer to me - perhaps more so.

  4. I have actually known quite a few submissive wives over the years (in real life, not on-line) who, very much as part of the overall domestic discipline, D/s dynamic within their marriages only ever voted in accordance with their Dom/husband's desires.

    Neither my Master nor I feel this is appropriate for our relationship, however.

  5. David, i have to say that when i saw the title of this post i almost screeched aloud!! Thank goodness we share the same outlook regarding voting and a submissive's right to do so! :)

    Just because i'm submissive does not in any way, shape, or form detract from the beliefs, thoughts, duties, opinions, etc. that i have in regards to my country - and the people who run it. And although i have serious issues with the whole Electoral College aspect of our political process, i will continue to educate myself to make informed decisions about my welfare.

    Which is how i view the duty we, as citizens, have to our country. We all must look out for each other and ourselves and by being an educated, active participant in the process everyone over the age of 18 can voice their opinion, belief, desire, want, need, etc. Granted we don't all agree about everything - but at least we've been provided with the opportunity to, basically, speak now or forever hold our peace...

    And i cannot fathom how anyone in a D\s relationship would either force or acquiesce to having this duty, right and privilege of citizenship tampered with. Clearly i value my voting abilities, and will not, and would not, forsake them. Hence i'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea that others would so easily surrender this right, or force their own thoughts and beliefs and opinions upon their submissive.

  6. Ha, this is so stupid! A lot of people in the BDSM scene take this stuff WAY too seriously. A good sub is a smart, independent person with self worth. The Dom has the power because the sub GIVES it to him/her. Therefore, the sub should call the shots on who to vote for. Ha, just kidding. Each brain gets their own vote. DUH.