September 27, 2008

Good Night, Good Bye, Paul Newman

A wonderful man passed today, he was 83 years old. He was simply a man, an actor, a race car driver, philanthropist, father, husband, a caring being, the kind of dominant man I aspire to be. I had the good fortune to spend time in his company on three occasions, at car race weekends; I knew people who knew him.

I will simply affirm what two others have said about him - Robert Redford, "My life - and this country - is better for his being in it." And, George Clooney, "He set the bar too high for the rest of us. Not just actors, but all of us. He will be greatly missed."


  1. I completely agree, he was a fabulous man all around. He will be missed but he will not be forgotten, his legacy will live on. Through his movies and his charity.

  2. If I may be so bold as to speak then yes he will be sorely missed but not forgotten.

  3. Such a powerful impact his example had on this submissive little girl. He was the epitome of a man: talented, strong, dedicated, heartfelt, committed...what a wonderful life he led.

    So sad that he is gone. He will never be forgotten